Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is the world’s highest-paying inverter brand, with over 405GW installed worldwide as of June 2021. Sungrow takes pride in leading innovation in the solar energy industry. In this collaboration, Emtek is honored to become a strategic partner providing services to Sungrow, creating leaders in solar energy equipment installation.

EMTEK provides Sungrow with state-of-the-art solar energy equipment installation solutions.


EFFICIENCY Solar inverter performance


TEAM(R&D) Research and development (R&D) team


COUNTRY Managed and installed 150 clean energy plants


ESG No. 1 ranking from China's ESG 500

Overview of Sungrow

Establishment and Development Journey of Sungrow

  • Founding Story

Sungrow Group entered the market in 1997 under the leadership of Professor Cao Ren Xian. Sungrow is one of the leading conglomerates in solar energy inverter research and development, boasting the largest R&D team in the industry and offering a diverse product portfolio.

  • Development Process

Sungrow has maintained operations for 26 years, achieving significant milestones and establishing a strong presence in the solar energy field. With global aspirations, Sungrow provides energy solutions to over 150 countries worldwide.

Sungrow’s Strengths

Core Products

Sungrow’s product portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions in the modern solar energy field, enabling businesses to achieve sustainable development:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) system: A comprehensive system consisting of several components (solar panels, inverters, and safety switches) that convert solar light into electrical energy through photovoltaic processes. Sungrow’s solar inverters range from 2kW to 8.8 MW and achieve over 99% efficiency. They are adaptable to various scales of installation.
  • Storage System: In 2006, Sungrow ventured into the energy storage system (ESS) industry. Leveraging top-tier renewable energy conversion technology and advanced battery technology, Sungrow focuses on integrated energy storage system solutions. Key components include PCS, lithium-ion batteries, and energy management systems. These “all-in-one” ESS solutions can be tailored to meet stringent requirements for residential, commercial, grid-tied, and off-grid applications, ensuring reliable power supply.
  • EV Charging: EV charging solutions cater to the charging of electric vehicles, including electric cars, motorcycles, and electric buses. Sungrow’s solutions enable monitoring, management, and energy consumption optimization, promoting sustainability and efficiency.
  • iSolar Cloud: Sungrow’s monitoring solution allows customers to manage their solar power stations conveniently. With automatic reporting, multidimensional analysis, and precise error detection with troubleshooting capabilities, it ensures quick issue resolution and operational uptime. Certified data security and product lifecycle backup safeguards your investment.
  • Floating PV System: Sungrow’s Floating Solar Energy System offers products and solutions suitable for various latitudes and water-based installations worldwide. A notable project is the world’s largest floating solar power plant, produced by Sungrow FPV, located in the Guqiao landslide area of Fengtai County, China. It has helped reduce sulfur dioxide emissions to 1,200 tons and carbon dioxide emissions to 150,000 tons annually.

Core Services

With their technical expertise, customers turn to Sungrow for solar energy inverter and energy storage system solutions for utility-scale, commercial and industrial, residential applications, as well as solutions for ground-mounted solar power plants and electric vehicle charging. Sungrow employs a professional R&D team that makes up 40% of its total workforce. The company has invested in its own testing center, certified by SGS, CSA, and TÜV Rheinland. Sungrow operates the world’s largest inverter manufacturing plant with an annual global production capacity of up to 305GW, including 25GW outside China.

With a diverse range of solutions and services, Sungrow is committed to delivering clean energy to customers and persistently strives to be a global leader in clean energy conversion technology.

Key Project Collaboration between EMTEK and Sungrow

Collaboration Journey between EMTEK and Sungrow

  • Collaboration Story 

Emtek and Sungrow have found a mutual opportunity to lead the way in solar energy for large, medium, and small businesses. In the pursuit of modernity and harnessing planned natural energy resources, favorable results, time savings, and safety are achieved. Emtek and Sungrow have discovered this common ground and decided to collaborate to foster sustainable development.

  • EMTEK’s Products and Services

Emtek plays a role in providing advanced automation equipment and components, contributing to the streamlined production process for Sungrow to produce the highest quality products and services. Additionally, Emtek participates in advising on automation solutions to improve and optimize production lines, creating the most complete solar energy system product and service portfolio.

Achievements in Collaboration between EMTEK and Sungrow

Through collaboration with Emtek, Sungrow achieved remarkable milestones, successfully developing the world’s first solid-state transformer (SST) 35kV solar inverter. In 2021, Sungrow ranked highest in the ESG 500 China rankings. Additionally, the company has received various awards, including China Maintenance Award, Outstanding Certification, Top 50 Leading Innovative Companies in China, Outstanding National Intellectual Property Enterprise, Top 500 Global New Energy Companies, and Best Company to Work for in Asia. With Emtek’s support, Sungrow has also successfully completed large-scale and highly applicable projects, including a national-level postgraduate research station, a national-level high-tech industrial demonstration base, a national-level enterprise technology center, a national-level industrial design center, a national-level green plant, and is among the top players in the global new energy industry regarding overall strength.