EMTEK history & Milestones

EMTEK history & Milestones

EMTEK history & Milestones

In 2010, the IMF forecasted global trade recovery at 3.2%, particularly in Asia, including Vietnam. Recognizing the opportunity, on May 15, 2009, EMTEK was established with the aim of expanding into the international market and achieving sustainable development in the MEP (Mechanical, Electric, Pumping) sector. EMTEK has participated in major projects such as Hyundai, Vinashin Shipyard, and Samsung Electronics. To date, the conglomerate has expanded into Cambodia and Myanmar.

During its development, EMTEK's leadership recognized the potential of AI and IoT. To response this trend, EMTEK established the EMTEK Automation factory in Bac Ninh, becoming a primary supplier for Samsung and collaborating with CSOT in 2018.

Aware of the global trend toward digital and green transformation, developed countries have begun to enhance the establishment of "standards." Therefore, in 2018, EMTEK established Asia Networks PEMS (PEMS) and Asia Networks Energy (ANE) to promote energy conversion and emission reduction.

PEMS focuses on providing solutions and products for four main industries, including Thermal Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Wastewater Treatment. PEMS' goal is to collaborate with businesses in the industry to research and implement solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, aiming to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2050 as set out by the Vietnamese government.

ANE focuses on developing renewable energy projects, implementing numerous rooftop solar energy systems. It also collaborates with Vinbatery to test BESS systems in solar energy projects, helping businesses store and utilize energy more efficiently, thereby saving energy and contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

In 2021, EMTEK established Asia Networks See (SEE) in collaboration with Samsung Engineering to build wastewater treatment projects for provinces and cities in Vietnam under the public-private partnership (PPP) model, contributing to the circular economy.


EMTEK aims to lead and be the top green transformation leader in Vietnam, offering intelligent and sustainable solutions for a greener future


To create sustainable development solutions with renewable energy to increase value for customers, shareholders, and our community continuously


integrity is the cornerstone, ensuring that our high ethical standards remain a reliable ally for partners and clients.


EMTEK transcend the mere provision of products and services; we position ourselves at the zenith of quality. 


Collaborate effectively with industry leaders to bring the best solutions to market, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and mutual growth.

Lead & Grow

Lead & Grow

Embodies our dedication to establishing industry benchmarks via outstanding leadership in our key sectors, we emphasize not just robust profit margins but also the attainment of a distinct, prevailing market presence.

Our success is intricately linked with our clients, and our approach to collaborative growth underscores our commitment to forging enduring value and partnerships that withstand the test of time.