EMTEK collaborates with Samsung Engineering on wastewater treatment projects, protecting the environment in Vietnam.

Samsung Engineering is a leading global company that provides comprehensive project management services from planning, financing, construction, to operation (EPC&PM). With over 40 years of global operations, Samsung Engineering has achieved numerous successes and expanded its business scale to more than 46 countries. In Vietnam, EMTEK collaborates with Samsung Engineering on wastewater treatment projects, contributing to environmental protection.

Samsung Engineering: Remarkable Progress in the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Samsung Engineering is one of the top companies in the fields of engineering, construction, and global project management. Established in 1970, Samsung Engineering has made significant strides from a mid-sized engineering company to a multinational conglomerate specializing in construction, environmental solutions, wastewater treatment, oil and gas, and renewable energy. They also focus on developing sustainable and efficient solutions for critical industries such as petrochemicals, electronics, and information technology. Over the past 40 years, Samsung Engineering has completed more than 1,572 major projects worldwide and expanded its business scale to more than 46 countries.

With innovation and a commitment to quality, Samsung Engineering has built a strong reputation in the industry and become a trusted partner for clients worldwide. The company plays a significant role in contributing to sustainable community development and environmental protection, particularly through wastewater treatment projects.

Samsung Engineering states that their mission in becoming a pioneer in global wastewater treatment projects is to provide advanced and sustainable solutions to address water pollution issues and protect valuable water resources worldwide. They are committed to optimizing water reuse and recycling, thereby minimizing environmental impact.

To accomplish this, Samsung Engineering takes a comprehensive approach to wastewater treatment, including collection, treatment, operation, and monitoring. Additionally, the company chooses to employ advanced technologies and methods to effectively remove pollutants from wastewater, ensuring that treated water meets necessary environmental standards. Furthermore, Samsung Engineering contributes to environmental protection by optimizing energy and resource consumption during the wastewater treatment process, using advanced technologies and equipment to reduce electricity and chemical usage, thus increasing efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With significant contributions to environmental protection through their wastewater treatment projects, Samsung Engineering has achieved numerous remarkable awards and recognitions throughout its 40 years of operation, including the Outstanding Wastewater Treatment Facility award in 2009.

Innovative Aspects of Sustainable Collaboration

It must be noted that, amidst the remarkable development of industries, technology, and automation, the collaboration between Samsung Engineering and EMTEK marks an era of outstanding industrial and technological advancement. The collaboration between the two parties brings distinct benefits to each enterprise.

For Samsung Engineering, there are several compelling reasons for EMTEK’s selection as a strategic partner.

Samsung Engineering boasts extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry, particularly in the field of automation. They have operated globally and successfully completed notable projects worldwide. This experience can make Samsung Engineering a reliable partner with the capability to tackle complex technical challenges.

Samsung Engineering is known for delivering high-quality products and services. They adhere to strict quality and safety standards, providing reliability and high efficiency for their customers. This commitment may have influenced EMTEK’s decision to choose them as a partner.

Advanced technology is a consistent pursuit of Samsung Engineering in its projects. This might have attracted EMTEK’s attention, especially when integration of automation technology into their products or processes is necessary.

As a large corporation, Samsung Engineering has a vast global network with branches and representatives in many countries. This could bring advantages to EMTEK when expanding its business operations into international markets.

Samsung Engineering and EMTEK – Joining Hands for Environmental Protection

Samsung Engineering and EMTEK have collaborated on several projects related to wastewater treatment and process automation. This partnership combines two industry-leading companies in the environmental and automation sectors.

EMTEK specializes in automation and process control, offering intelligent and efficient solutions for various industries. EMTEK’s products and services include automatic control systems, process monitoring, energy management, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Through collaboration with EMTEK, Samsung Engineering can integrate advanced automation solutions into its wastewater treatment projects. This enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of wastewater treatment processes, reduces risks, and saves energy. Moreover, the application of automation technology also reduces labor dependence and enhances automation for wastewater treatment plants.

Through this collaboration, Samsung Engineering and EMTEK aim to provide comprehensive and advanced solutions for wastewater treatment, ensuring sustainability and environmental protection.