The Robot and Automation equipment provided by EMTEK is a contributing factor to the sustainable development goal of Samsung Electro-Mechanics Vietnam.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Vietnam is a high-tech component manufacturer for electronic devices in the electronics and mechanical industry. Established in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has continuously developed and produced core electronic components with a vision of “Intelligence for the future,” contributing to the sustainable development of humanity.


Overview of Samsung Electro-Mechanics

  • The revolution changing the landscape of high-tech component manufacturing

Founded in 1973, Samsung Electro-Mechanics

has become a major developer and producer of electronic components not only in South Korea but also globally. The full name of Samsung Electro-Mechanics in English implies electronics and machinery.

As the largest division of the Samsung Group, Samsung Electronics is one of the three most important branches of the Samsung Group. Currently, Samsung Electronics is considered one of the world’s largest electronics companies, with branches operating in 58 countries and around 280,000 employees.

After shaping the market and with a deep vision, Samsung Electro-Mechanics began to focus on producing sound/video components and laid the foundation for the 21st-century revolution with technological independence in the Korean component industry. In the 1980s, the company diversified its business into materials and computer components. Then, in the 1990s, Samsung Electro-Mechanics focused on developing promising next-generation products such as chips, mobile communication components, and optical components.

Since the early 2000s, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has expanded its business portfolio through continuous development of new products by converging and integrating first-class core technologies and products, while driving the growth of next-generation business operations to become a leader in the electronic component industry.

  • Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ Investment in the Vietnamese Market

Việt Nam được đánh giá là thị trường tiềm năng cho các mặt hàng công nghệ như điện thoại di Vietnam is considered a potential market for technology products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. According to a recent report by GFK market research company, the growth rate of this market has continuously exceeded 20% over the past 5 years. As a market with a young population and stable GDP, Vietnam is seen as a potential destination for Samsung Electronics’ electronic and digital products.

Regarding laptop products, the continuous reduction in chipset prices and the improvement in performance of new CPU models by manufacturers have contributed to the creation of a market for laptop models. Understanding these psychological factors, the Samsung brand has introduced new product lines in the Vietnamese market with reasonable price segments.

When Creativity Meets Quality: EMTEK and Samsung Electro-Mechanics Bring Innovative Automation Solutions.

  • The Collaboration Process between EMTEK and Samsung Electro-Mechanics

    • Collaboration Story

Emtek and Samsung Electro-Mechanics decided to collaborate when both found common ground in the goal of reaching the pinnacle in the production of high-tech integrated components, leveraging innovative changes in the production line. The business criteria we set are to ensure completeness in the production process, along with continuous technological innovation to keep up with the flow of the Industry 4.0 era. Therefore, Emtek and Samsung Electro-Mechanics pioneered and created a series of breakthrough technologies in the field of robotics and automation in Vietnam’s territory.

    • Products and Services Provided by EMTEK

EMTEK has successfully provided Samsung Electro-Mechanics with top-notch products and services in the automation industry. This includes supplying advanced automation production lines, modern automatic systems, and advanced robot solutions. These products and services have helped Samsung Electro-Mechanics optimize the production process, improve product quality and productivity, while also saving labor and costs. This collaboration is a prime example of the combination of EMTEK’s innovation and Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ manufacturing quality, achieving many outstanding achievements in the global component manufacturing automation industry.

  • Achievements from the Collaboration between EMTEK and Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Alongside Samsung Electro-Mechanics, EMTEK is a provider and distributor of high-tech automation production line support equipment in many projects in Vietnam. Impressive projects demonstrate the professional collaboration between the two exemplary companies, such as the electronic component manufacturing plant project of Samsung in Yen Phong, Bac Ninh. In addition, EMTEK feels honored that, during the collaboration, Samsung Electro-Mechanics achieved significant successes in the Vietnamese market. In 2022, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Vietnam was awarded the Third Prize in the “Energy Efficiency in Industry 2022” by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Energy Conservation and Efficiency Association (VECEA).