Partnering with NS2PC, EMTEK provides equipment and support for the construction process of the Thermal Power Plant project.

As a leading company in Vietnam’s renewable energy sector, Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) has built a strong reputation through advanced technology investment and an experienced team of experts. NS2PC is also known as one of EMTEK’s promising clients. NS2PC has established a strong presence in the renewable energy sector and continues to drive sustainable development in the future.

Overview of Nghi Son 2 Power

Establishment and Development Process

Nghi Sơn 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) is invested by three major shareholders: Korea Electric Power Corporation (50%), Marubeni Corporation (40% – Japan), and Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc (10% – Japan), established under Vietnamese Business Law.

NS2PC originated from the idea of harnessing and developing renewable energy sources in the Nghi Son region (Thanh Hoa). Here, NS2PC conducted market research, assessed potential, and developed detailed business plans. After raising capital from various sources, NS2PC proceeded to build the necessary infrastructure for renewable energy production.

In parallel with infrastructure construction, NS2PC focused on recruiting and training personnel. The company selected high-skilled experts and technicians with extensive experience in the industry to maximize efficient work.

NS2PC not only maintains its current development but also focuses on researching market expansion opportunities to sustain the company’s growth and success.

From an initial idea to a successful operational business, NS2PC has gone through a long and challenging journey. This process demanded determination, patience, and relentless effort from the founders and company employees.

Strengths of Nghi Son 2

Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) specializes in producing and providing renewable energy, including solar power systems, biogas plants, and various other solutions. NS2PC has built its brand based on a commitment to environmental protection. They provide clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing positively to mitigating the impacts of climate change.

As a reputable company in the industry, NS2PC continuously invests in research and development to improve their renewable energy technology. This helps them continue to offer advanced and efficient products and services.

NS2PC not only provides clean energy but also aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. Their solutions help minimize the impact of climate change while contributing to the global environmental protection goals. NS2PC also builds and maintains close relationships with customers and partners, ensuring company stability and sustainable growth.

All of these factors have helped NS2PC establish a reputation and position in the industry, driving strong future development.

Key Project between EMTEK and Nghi Son 2 Power

EMTEK has collaborated with NS2PC as a product and service provider to enhance the efficiency and optimize the thermal power production process. EMTEK’s expertise and high skills have helped NS2PC deliver high value.

The Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant project was commenced in July 2018 in Hai Ha commune, Nghi Son town, with a nominal capacity of 1,200 MW, producing 7.8 billion kWh per year, supplying electricity to over 6 million households. The project has a total investment of nearly USD 2.8 billion, with 2 units having a total designed capacity of 1,330 MW. The Vietnamese government assigned NS2PC as the project’s investor.

In the journey of transforming a pristine land into a magnificent power plant, there were many advantages as well as challenges. The presence of this project is the result of the sweat and dedication of thousands of experts, engineers, and workers, as well as the relentless efforts of the investor, the result of leadership coordination, guidance from authorities.

NS2PC is also known for its meaningful livelihood and social support programs. In the past four years, despite not having a source of revenue, NS2PC allocated funds to implement over 100 social support programs worth over VND 22 billion to support local economic and social development and environmental protection, such as installing clean water pipelines for 2,858 households in Hai Ha commune, training fishermen for boat captain certification, training organic farming for households, supporting educational and medical equipment for initial diagnosis and COVID-19 prevention…

Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC) has asserted its position in many projects, being a reliable partner in the renewable energy sector. In addition to quality, NS2PC’s team of experts and talents have made continuous efforts and innovations, contributing to the sustainable development of the thermal power industry in Vietnam and worldwide.