Lilama lis a state-owned enterprise in Vietnam under the Ministry of Construction, initially tasked with reviving the country’s industrial sector after the war. Today, Lilama is a conglomerate comprising several subsidiary companies specializing in construction and subcontracting.

Joining forces with Lilama to develop the nation, EMTEK is responsible for the electrical, fire safety, and energy systems installation for various projects.

Overview of Lilama

Vietnam Machinery Installation Corporation (LILAMA) is a joint-stock company established in 1960. Since its inception, LILAMA has been involved in the manufacturing and installation of thousands of important projects in various fields such as energy, cement, chemicals, oil refining, both domestically and internationally.

  • Lilama’s Establishment and Development Journey

From its establishment until 1975, LILAMA successfully installed numerous factories. After the reunification of the country in 1975, it faced various challenges in the post-war economic environment, including centralized management. Subsequently, during the fierce competition of the market economy in the 1990s, LILAMA overcame all obstacles to successfully execute significant national projects.

In late 1995, LILAMA made a remarkable breakthrough by transitioning to operate as a Corporation and entering the manufacturing of equipment and steel structures for industrial projects, securing contracts worth hundreds of millions of USD.

After over 40 years of development and growth, in 2000, the state entrusted LILAMA as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor for various projects. Through the successful execution of EPC projects, LILAMA demonstrated that assigning domestic contractors as EPC contractors for projects was a rational choice, benefiting both the country and the workforce. By the end of 2016, LILAMA transformed into a joint-stock company known as Vietnam Machinery Installation Corporation JSC.

With over 55 years of continuous development, LILAMA has affirmed its reputation as a reputable EPC contractor and a leading mechanical enterprise in Vietnam.

  • Lilama’s Strengths

Lilama is a reliable partner in many critical sectors of the construction and infrastructure industry in Vietnam. Its main strength lies in being an EPC contractor for large and complex projects. Besides its core competency, Lilama has also expanded its services to include the installation, manufacturing, and construction of electrical power and energy systems. Moreover, Lilama offers maintenance and quality assurance for completed projects. This ensures that Lilama not only contributes to the construction of critical infrastructure but also ensures the long-term maintenance and efficient operation of these facilities, contributing to the sustainable development of the nation.

In its long-term development plan, LILAMA will focus on two main business sectors: EPC and mechanical installation and manufacturing. In EPC construction, LILAMA will prioritize industrial electricity projects (power plants, substations, transmission lines) due to their potential and stable growth, as they are part of the government’s stable planning. LILAMA will also participate more in other industrial projects such as cement, steel, and construction materials.

Key Project Collaboration between EMTEK and Lilama

  • The Collaboration Journey between EMTEK and Lilama

In August 2018, EMTEK officially became a high-tech electrical equipment supplier to Lilama for the Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant project. This project, owned by the Marubeni and Kepco Joint Venture as the investors, with Doosan Heavy Industries Group as the EPC contractor, has a total capacity of 1200MW, consisting of 2 units (2x600MW) utilizing ultra-supercritical coal technology. The collaboration between EMTEK and Lilama on this project symbolizes the synergy between two reputable partners working on a large-scale project.

EMTEK, with its professionalism and in-depth knowledge in automation and electrical power, provided modern solutions and equipment to optimize the plant’s operations. Lilama, with its EPC expertise and extensive project experience, played a crucial role in professional construction and project implementation. The collaboration between these two companies ensured that the Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant was completed with high quality, reliability, and efficiency. 

  • Achievements in Collaboration between EMTEK and Lilama

For this project, Lilama was responsible for equipment installation, including the installation of steel structures for the boiler, boiler installation, ESP & FGD system installation, BOP (Balance of Plant) system installation, BOP equipment, and tank installation at the construction site. As of the current moment, with the support of EMTEK, Lilama has completed 100% of the construction work for the Nghi Son 2 Thermal Power Plant project and is in the process of material settlement and quantity. The project achieved a safety milestone of 17 million accident-free work hours on the construction site. Unit 1 is currently undergoing a reliable trial run, aiming to commence commercial power generation in December 2021.