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Doosan Enerbility

Doosan Enerbility

Doosan Enerbility

Doosan Enerbility aims to become a global company that focuses on the eco-friendly energy business as its new growth driver, thereby creating greater value for the world.” – Geewon Park (Chairman & CEO Doosan Enerbility)

With global climate change becoming a serious issue, carbon neutrality has risen in importance and eco-friendly energy has become a megatrend. Such changes are providing Doosan with numerous new challenges and opportunities. Renewable energy is rapidly being pursued by major countries in order to achieve their carbon neutrality goals. Doosan is focusing on gas turbines, renewable energy, hydrogen energy and small modular reactors (SMRs) as its new growth drivers to solidify its position as a leading eco-friendly energy company.

Furthermore, as a responsible member of society, they have established ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) as one of their key business principles, one that is essential for raising our corporate competitiveness. To this end, they have established and adopted ESG-based policies and strategies at a corporate-wide level.

New Energy Solotions

Wind Power Solutions

As the sole company in Korea to hold a track record in the field of commercial offshore wind farms, Doosan Enerbility is a total solution provider that offers solutions tailored to customers’ needs and whose expertise covers all stages, starting from business development, which includes site selection for wind farms, wind analyses and feasibility studies, to equipment procurement, EPC work and O&M services.

Gas Turbines for Power Generation

Doosan Enerbility offers a product lineup ranging from small to large-sized gas turbines. We are also working on the development of hydrogen gas turbine technology, with the aim being to deliver both hydrogen dual-fuel and 100% hydrogen-fueled models.

Small Modular Reactors

Doosan Enerbility is participating in the design and engineering of the main components of SMART, a nuclear reactor jointly developed by South Korea and Saudi Arabia. They will soon be supplying the SMART reactor components to our customers.

Hydrogen Energy

Doosan Enerbility has ventured into the field of hydrogen energy, a field gaining increased attention as a new source of energy. They are engaged in all the stages of the hydrogen value chain from production to storage, transportation and utilization of hydrogen.

The Energy Storage System (ESS)

The Energy Storage System (ESS) refers to a device that stores energy generated from renewable energy sources or existing power grids into a battery to be discharged for use later on when needed. By applying their technological expertise and that of their overseas subsidiary Doosan GridTech, Doosan Enerbility delivers total technology solutions that include the ESS, DERM-based control system software, as well as EPC and O&M services. In line with the growing trend of renewable energy at home and abroad, they plan to further expand the ESS business, with particular focus on the Australian and US ESS markets which are forecasted to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Power Plant Equipments / Services

Thermal Power Plants

Doosan is a global company that possesses proprietary technology and a solid track record in the production of core equipment for power plants, including boilers, turbines and generators.

Combined Cycle Power Plants

Doosan Enerbility is leveraging its technical expertise concerning gas turbines, a key component of combined cycle power plants, to supply equipment for power plants at home and abroad.

Hydro electric/Pumped-Storage Hydro Power Plants

Doosan Enerbility holds the capability and technology for manufacturing and supplying the main components of large hydroelectric and pumped-storage hydro power plants, such as hydropower turbines, hydro generators and I&C systems.

Plant EPC / Construction

Power Plant EPC

Doosan Enerbility is engaged in numerous power generation projects, including combined cycle power plant and wind farm projects, and they are involved in all the various stages of plant EPC projects, from project development to the design & engineering, equipment supply and construction work.

Water EPC

Doosan Enerbility applies its proven seawater desalination technology to deliver high-efficiency turnkey solutions within the shortest lead time possible. They are a total solutions provider that holds engineering service capabilities that cover all areas of the water and wastewater treatment business.


Doosan leverages its extensive experience and leading technology to deliver high-quality projects worldwide in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and plants.