Established in 2017, CJ Engineering & Construction operates in the field of construction and infrastructure development, specializing in Construction and Real Estate. With a shared unique vision, CJ E&C has been progressively expanding its business scale into Southeast Asia and the global market. This collaboration between Emtek and CJ E&Chas contributed significantly to the success of the major projects of this large company.

EMTEK is honored to become a provider of infrastructure installation solutions for electricity, solar energy, and fire prevention for CJ E&C’s real estate projects.

Overview of CJ Engineering & Construction

The Establishment and Development of CJ Engineering & Construction

South Korea is known for being at the forefront of construction with impressive projects and modern architecture. When mentioning this country, it’s impossible not to mention a name that can be considered an icon of South Korea, which is the Samsung Group. Samsung was founded in 1969, operating in various fields with significant achievements that have made a global impact, not only domestically but also internationally. In 1983, another prominent conglomerate, CJ Group, emerged, acquiring numerous businesses in industries such as food and food services, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, entertainment and media, home shopping, and logistics.

Recently, Emtek had the opportunity to collaborate with one of CJ’s subsidiary companies, leading the way together in the construction and real estate industry. Established in 2017, CJ E&C (CJ Engineering & Construction). primarily focuses on construction and infrastructure development. The company’s mission is to provide the best asset value with their unique technology and services while aiming to be a leading infrastructure solutions partner, working towards business success.

  Strengths of CJ Engineering & Construction

True to its name, CJ E&C has shown strong growth in architectural construction, infrastructure development, and the acquisition of various real estate projects, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the company is responsible for providing technical construction consulting for major collaborative projects, ensuring the highest quality and aesthetics.

Key Projects in Collaboration between EMTEK and CJ Engineering & Construction

The Collaboration Process between EMTEK and CJ Engineering & Construction

    • The Collaboration Story

Emtek and CJ Engineering & Construction share a common mission to create projects with elegant architecture and high quality. In the current era of relentless technological advancement and increasing trends towards automation in society, the construction industry is thriving, employing advanced equipment and innovations to accelerate progress and serve the infrastructure needs of factories, supermarkets, residences, and more. Emtek and CJ Engineering & Construction continuously learn and embrace new knowledge and trends to improve and deliver the highest quality projects.  

    • EMTEK’s Products and Services

In line with these principles, Emtek is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with CJ Engineering & Construction, providing the giant with installation solutions for electrical infrastructure, solar energy, and fire prevention in real estate projects. Here, we shape constructions with complete equipment, ensuring safety and delivering robust and impressive architecture for the projects we undertake. Going beyond that, with a team of specialized and experienced personnel, Emtek is pleased to offer suggestions and detailed plans for implementing automation equipment, helping to accelerate construction progress.

Achievements of Collaboration in Projects between EMTEK and CJ Engineering & Construction

Throughout the synergistic collaboration, EMTEK and CJ E&C have successfully created many large-scale projects, with EMTEK playing various roles, spanning across diverse provinces and territories. Notable examples include:

EMTEK supplying and installing electrical equipment: CJ-SC Global Mill Vung Tau,…

EMTEK installing and operating mechanical engineering techniques: CJ-SC Global Mill Vung Tau B,…

EMTEK providing support equipment for fire prevention and control in CJ-SC Global Mill Vung Tau,…