Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant

Nowadays, energy plays a crucial role in meeting the increasing demands of modern society. In response to this challenge, Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant is a robust electricity source for Southern Vietnam and an exemplar of harmony between advanced energy technologies and automation solutions provided by EMTEK Automation.

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant – a standout in Vietnam’s energy landscape.

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant is one of the significant and distinctive energy projects in Vietnam, making substantial contributions to ensuring the Southern region’s electricity supply and fostering the country’s socio-economic development.

An overview of Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant and its prominent features:

1/ Location and Scale:

Location: The plant is situated in Vĩnh Tân commune, Tuy Phong district, Bình Thuận province, Vietnam.

Scale: The plant has a total capacity of 1,200 MW, divided into 2 units with 600 MW capacity each.

2/ Project progress

Commencement: The project began on March 9, 2014.

First handover: Unit 1 was successfully commissioned for commercial operation on December 6, 2017.

Second handover: Unit 2 was also handed over ahead of schedule on March 31, 2018.

3/ Technology and efficiency

The plant employs advanced pulverized coal thermal power technology with impressive specifications.

Superheat steam temperature reaches up to 593°C, with a pressure of 242 bara, optimizing electricity generation efficiency and minimizing environmental pollution.

4/ Community contribution:

The plant plays a crucial role not only in the national power supply but also actively engages in community activities.

It sponsors and supports the construction of social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, and cultural centers.

Generates employment for thousands of local workers, contributing to the socio-economic development of Bình Thuận province.

EMTEK Automation: Pioneering partner in automation and technological innovation

With a mission to make significant breakthroughs in the automation field, EMTEK Automation is not just a company but a strategic partner for leading enterprises in the market. Established in 2016, EMTEK has swiftly become a catalyst for progress and efficiency in the manufacturing processes of many large businesses, including Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant.

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant leveraging automation technology

Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant has demonstrated its commitment to modernization and production process optimization by integrating automation technology. Here are some exemplary applications of this technology at Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant:

1/ Optimizing combustion processes

Utilizing an automated system to control the coal combustion process.

Adjusting fuel and air ratios to optimize energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

2/ Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions

Applying modern technology to control and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Using an automated monitoring system to ensure compliance with environmental standards.

3/ Automation of slag cleaning process

Employing an automated system to manage and clean slag.

Efficiently controlling the transport and storage of slag.

4/ Equipment monitoring and maintenance

Implementing an automated monitoring system to track the status of equipment and systems.

Planning maintenance based on real-time data to optimize equipment performance and reliability.

5/ Efficient Energy Management:

Using an automated system to measure and monitor energy consumption.

Implementing automatic adjustments to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

These solutions help Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant optimize its production processes and actively contribute to maintaining national energy security and protecting the environment.

Thanks to the professionalism and pioneering spirit of EMTEK Automation in the field of automation, Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant has achieved high production efficiency and ensured national energy security. The integration of intelligent automation solutions has helped the plant minimize the environmental impact of its operations, creating a sustainable model.

This partnership extends beyond electricity production and reaches into supporting the local community’s socio-economic development. EMTEK Automation has consistently shared its social responsibility through projects supporting education, healthcare, and community infrastructure development.

The relationship between Vĩnh Tân 4 Thermal Power Plant and EMTEK Automation is not just an example of effective collaboration between a business and its partner. It symbolises solidarity aimed at a future of sustainable energy and prosperous society.