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Vin Battery

Electric cars have become an increasingly popular trend worldwide, and VinFast, as an outstanding representative of the Vietnamese automotive industry, is not only pursuing the goal of producing high-quality electric vehicles but also focusing on the energy source – the heart of each vehicle. Vin Battery, a name synonymous with innovation and high performance, is the energy source that VinFast trusts to shape the future of electric vehicles not only in Vietnam but worldwide.

Vin Battery – The Energy Source of the Future

Vin Battery is not just a battery for electric vehicles; it is also an icon of innovation and pioneering in the automotive industry. Using “super-fast” charging technology from StoreDot and 100% solid-state batteries from ProLogium, Vin Battery provides an unlimited and safe driving experience.

International Quality, Vietnam Pride

Vin Battery is not just a brand of electric vehicle batteries; it is also a symbol of international class and quality that Vietnam is striving for. With the unique combination of cutting-edge technology and sustainability awareness, Vin Battery not only meets but exceeds the strictest standards in the international market.

“Super-Fast” Charging Technology From StoreDot

VinFast has committed to providing the best electric vehicle experience for users through collaboration with StoreDot, a renowned company from Israel. StoreDot’s “super-fast” charging technology allows Vin Battery to charge 80% in just 4-5 minutes, ensuring convenience and optimal performance.

This collaboration is not only a strategic move but also a significant step towards the innovative future of the electric vehicle industry.

ProLogium – Heading Towards the Future With 100% Solid-State Batteries

Vin Battery not only stops at “super-fast” charging technology but also aims for 100% solid-state batteries. The strategic collaboration with ProLogium from Taiwan is a breakthrough, as solid-state batteries are not only safe but also provide superior performance. This demonstrates that VinFast is not only leading in modern technology but also paving the way for the future with advanced innovations.

Significant Progress at Vung Ang Economic Zone

November 18 marks a significant milestone as VinES and Gotion broke ground on the LFP charging cell factory project at the Vung Ang Economic Zone. This is not just a factory but a symbol of integration and strengthening the supply of high-quality batteries, helping VinFast enter a new phase of development and conquer the electric vehicle market.

Global Battery Supply – The “Three-Legged Stool” Strategy

VinFast’s “Three-Legged Stool” strategy ensures not only sufficient battery supply but also defines the image of a proactive and innovative car manufacturer. Conducting research, collaborating in production, and purchasing batteries from leading global manufacturers is a flexible strategy for VinFast to become an ever-competitive player in the global electric vehicle market.

Vin Battery – Committed to a Green Future

By collaborating with world-leading partners, VinFast not only establishes its position in the electric vehicle market but also becomes a leading battery supplier for the industry.

Vin Battery is not just an energy source for VinFast vehicles but also VinFast’s commitment to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future. With the combination of modern technology and sustainable strategies, Vin Battery is reshaping the standards of the electric vehicle industry, emphasizing the importance of the environment in our development.

EMTEK MEP Construction, through its collaboration with Vin Battery in the clean energy industry, marks not only a breakthrough in technology and construction but also in sustainable commitment. Both have set a new standard for the entire electric energy industry, opening up a clean and sustainable future for the world.

With these breakthroughs, Vin Battery and EMTEK are proving that a clean green future is not just a dream but a reality happening. These efforts not only benefit consumers in Vietnam but also contribute to the global journey to minimize the industry’s impact on the environment.