SolarEdge, one of Emtek’s leading clients, plays a vital role in driving the global clean energy revolution with intelligent solar energy solutions.

SolarEdge is a world-leading company in smart energy technology. Driving smart energy, SolarEdge addresses various segments of the energy market by providing a diverse range of products, including residential photovoltaics, commercial and large-scale solutions, energy storage and backup solutions, EV charging, home energy management, grid services, and virtual power plants, as well as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions.

Discover how Emtek, with its dedicated technical team, is supporting SolarEdge, a leader in the solar energy sector, to advance the global clean energy revolution.

Solar energy is emerging as a clean, sustainable, and highly efficient source of energy to address global energy challenges. To achieve this, SolarEdge has become a prominent name in the solar energy industry. With the support of EMTEK, customers can fully trust SolarEdge’s capabilities to work towards the goal of clean energy usage, contributing to a brighter and cleaner future

Strategic Partner in the Clean Energy Revolution

Solar energy systems are increasingly crucial in today’s clean energy revolution. With a shared mission to promote clean energy usage and energy savings, Emtek and SolarEdge have collaborated to provide intelligent solutions for consumers and businesses.

  • Optimal Energy Storage

Emtek and SolarEdge are working together to shape the future of clean energy. With a long-term partnership commitment and a common mission, we are making significant contributions to the global clean energy revolution.

An essential part of clean energy solutions is energy storage capability. SolarEdge offers efficient energy storage solutions that enable customers and partners to utilize solar energy at any time, contributing to the Net Zero target.

  • Professional Support

By choosing SolarEdge and Emtek, customers also position themselves to be supported by a professional and experienced technical team. Support and advice are readily available to ensure customers’ systems operate smoothly.

SolarEdge: Pioneering Energy Technology

SolarEdge, one of the pioneers in the solar energy industry, was founded in 2006 and quickly became a leading manufacturer of inverters and solar energy optimization solutions worldwide. With a focus on a renewable energy future, SolarEdge has developed intelligent solutions for solar energy system installation and management.

SolarEdge continuously innovates and creates advanced products to optimize solar energy performance and storage. With inverters, panel-level optimization, and smart energy management systems, we are reshaping how we produce and consume energy.

  • Why SolarEdge?

Using SolarEdge systems can bring many significant benefits to customers’ solar energy systems. SolarEdge has been at the forefront of the solar energy industry for many years, providing intelligent and high-performance solutions.

  • Performance Optimization: SolarEdge systems come with source optimization for each solar panel, maximizing system performance. This means customers can generate more energy from the same number of panels, saving money and utilizing solar energy to the fullest.
  • Smart Monitoring: SolarEdge systems provide smart monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to track system performance remotely through a mobile app or website. Customers can view daily, monthly, and yearly production data, helping them understand energy consumption and save more.
  • Reliability and Experience: With over a decade of operation in the solar energy industry, SolarEdge has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and solutions.
  • Smart Energy Management Systems: SolarEdge focuses on smart technology to help customers optimize solar energy usage and minimize electricity bills. This significantly reduces monthly electricity costs.
  • Optional Energy Storage Systems: SolarEdge also offers energy storage solutions, allowing customers to store excess solar energy for use when needed. This helps customers manage energy and avoid power outages.
  • Clean Production and Contribution to Net Zero Goals: SolarEdge products are manufactured with environmental care, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to Net Zero goals.
  • Enhanced Safety: SolarEdge systems come with a feature called SafeDC™, reducing the risk of electric shocks and ensuring safety for installers and users.
  • Excellent After-Sales Service: SolarEdge not only provides high-quality products but also supports customers with a reliable after-sales service system to ensure their systems operate smoothly.
  • Easy Maintenance: SolarEdge makes it easy to identify and address system issues quickly, reducing system downtime and ensuring stable operation.
  • Professional Support: SolarEdge offers professional support services and a team of product experts. Customers always have access to advice and support when needed.

Using SolarEdge systems not only helps customers save money but also contributes to our collective effort to use clean energy and protect the planet. It’s a smart choice for any solar energy project.

  • SolarEdge Solutions:

Single-Phase and Three-Phase Inverters: SolarEdge provides both single-phase and three-phase inverters to match customers’ usage needs.

Energy Optimization Modules: Energy optimization modules help increase the efficiency of customers’ solar energy systems and optimize them in real-time.

Solar Panel Solutions: SolarEdge offers high-quality solar panel options, allowing customers to maximize solar energy utilization.

  • Smart Solar Energy Solutions

SolarEdge doesn’t just provide leading solar energy equipment; it also helps optimize their performance. SolarEdge’s inverters and panel-level optimization enhance solar energy productivity and ensure more efficient operation.

Emtek: SolarEdge’s Reliable Partner

  • Smart Solar Energy Solutions

Emtek, with its passionate team of engineers and experts in Vietnam, has become a trusted partner of SolarEdge in implementing solar energy and storage solutions. Together, Emtek and SolarEdge have successfully completed numerous projects with a long-term partnership commitment.

  • Successful Project Partners

The successful implementation of projects demonstrates the partnership between SolarEdge and Emtek. Together, we have undertaken many large projects, contributing to the global transformation of energy supply.

  • The Clean Energy Revolution

Emtek and SolarEdge are shaping the future of clean energy together. The combination of Emtek’s technical expertise and technological innovation, along with SolarEdge’s leadership and vision, is driving the global clean energy revolution.


Emtek and SolarEdge are not just business partners; they are also companions in building a clean energy future. Our collaboration brings forth groundbreaking solar and storage solutions, taking us one step closer to renewable energy goals and environmental preservation.

With SolarEdge, customers invest not only in solar energy but also in a clean and sustainable future. EMTEK and SolarEdge stand together to ensure that customers receive the finest solar energy solutions, enabling energy savings and environmental protection. Join us on the path towards an even cleaner and brighter energy future.