SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation

SMC Corporation is a leading conglomerate in the field of industrial automation and control. Established in Japan in 1959, SMC has experienced significant growth and expanded its operations worldwide. It is one of EMTEK Automation's partners.

In a world increasingly reliant on automation and technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in business, collaboration between leading companies is essential. EMTEK Automation and SMC Corporation have formed a strong strategic partnership to provide advanced automation solutions and optimize production processes for customers worldwide.

SMC Corporation: A Global Automation Conglomerate

SMC Corporation, also known as "Sankyo Machine Works, Ltd.," is a leading global automation conglomerate. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, SMC Corporation has developed and delivered a range of advanced industrial control products and solutions.

Since its founding in Tokyo, Japan in 1959, SMC Corporation has rapidly expanded its operations and presence in more than 83 countries worldwide, building a global footprint in automation and industrial control.

SMC Corporation specializes in delivering high-quality products and solutions to help businesses efficiently control their production processes and optimize their operations. Some of SMC's flagship products include pneumatic control valves, pneumatic modules, liquid measurement devices, and sensor control equipment.

SMC Corporation and EMTEK Automation: A Reliable Collaboration

The collaboration between EMTEK Automation and SMC Corporation brings together two formidable leaders in the industrial automation field. This collaboration is not just about providing top-notch products and solutions but also about building a strong automation ecosystem.

EMTEK Automation has chosen SMC Corporation as a strategic partner to deliver high-quality industrial control products and solutions for projects and business operations in Southeast Asia.

This collaboration has provided access to leading products and solutions from SMC Corporation, helping to optimize the production process, improve efficiency, and reduce waste in the industrial sector. The synergy between both parties not only benefits themselves but also adds value to customers and contributes to the sustainable development of the automation industry.

Continuous Innovation and ESG Commitment

Both SMC Corporation and EMTEK Automation place a strong emphasis on continuous innovation. SMC Corporation has heavily invested in research and development to create the most advanced products and solutions. This enables them to meet the increasingly complex demands of customers in a rapidly changing world. Both companies are committed to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and promote social activities and projects related to clean and sustainable energy.

EMTEK Automation is also considering participating in Vietnam's green energy revolution, ensuring that all of its activities contribute positively to the country's Net Zero goals. EMTEK Automation is committed to implementing projects and business activities that not only comply but also contribute to minimizing environmental impact. The company is exploring the use of renewable energy sources and energy-saving practices in its production and system operations.

EMTEK Automation and SMC Corporation Looking Towards the Future

In a complex context of technological revolutions and global challenges, the collaboration between EMTEK Automation and SMC Corporation remains steadfast. They both look towards the future, continuing to cooperate, innovate, and contribute to the automation and industrial control industry.

SMC Corporation has become a reliable partner of EMTEK Automation in providing top-notch automation and industrial control solutions in Southeast Asia. This partnership has contributed to the sustainable development of the automation and robotics industry in the region, delivering value to customers and advancing the global industrial sector.