In the midst of the global energy revolution, EMTEK and Long Son Petrochemicals have joined forces to meet energy demands, protect the environment, and promote Vietnam’s sustainable growth.

Long Son Petrochemicals Company Limited (LSP): A Key Player in the Oil and Gas Industry

Long Son Petrochemicals Company Limited (LSP), has been established to develop, construct and operate Vietnam’s first integrated petrochemicals complex located in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

The Project will comprise a world-scale grassroots mixed-feed cracker, downstream polyolefins plants (HDPE, PP and LLDPE), central utilities unit, port, jetty and storage facilities and other associated facilities.

As the first integrated petrochemicals project in Vietnam, the strategic importance of LSP lies in its import substitution nature to meet Vietnam’s sustained and fast growing domestic demand for polymer resins and to enhance the competitiveness of its plastic industry, an important export earner for Vietnam.

Long Son Petrochemicals has established a strong presence in Vietnam’s oil and gas sector. In particular, they are a strategic partner of EMTEK.

Mission and Vision

Long Son Petrochemicals has demonstrated a strong commitment to their mission and vision. Their mission is to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply for the entire country, especially in the field of oil and gas.

The company not only considers the business aspects but also focuses on environmental protection and sustainable development.

Strategic Partner for Energy Security

With the ever-increasing global demand for energy and oil and gas, especially in Vietnam, ensuring a stable oil supply is crucial for economic and societal development.

Long Son Petrochemicals has a long-term vision for ensuring energy security in Vietnam. They not only specialize in oil and gas product manufacturing and distribution but also emphasize the application of modern technology and advanced management to ensure stability and efficiency in the oil supply to the market.

Strategic Cooperation with EMTEK

The collaboration between Long Son Petrochemicals and EMTEK shines as a bright spot in Vietnam’s oil and gas industry. EMTEK, with its reputation and experience in the energy and oil and gas sector, has selected Long Son Petrochemicals as a strategic partner to ensure a reliable energy supply for the market.

Ambitious Projects

The collaboration between Long Son Petrochemicals and EMTEK has given rise to several ambitious projects. These projects not only meet Vietnam’s energy demands but also ensure stability and sustainability in the future. Their high-quality power and oil and gas projects play a significant role in the development of Vietnam’s oil and gas sector, both locally and nationally.

EMTEK Construction – A Vital Partner of the Long Sơn Project

EMTEK Construction’s role in elevating the Long Sơn Project to new heights is indispensable. With professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to safety, EMTEK Construction has made a significant difference in the oil and gas industry, contributing to the development of Vietnam in this sector.

Strategic Cooperation – Ensuring Smooth Project Progress

The Long Sơn Project necessitates close and effective collaboration between partners. EMTEK Construction has participated as a strategic partner in crucial phases of the project. The synergy between EMTEK’s expertise and the scale of Long Sơn has created a robust partnership, ensuring the project’s smooth and efficient progression.

Building Sustainability and Protecting the Environment

EMTEK Construction’s focus extends beyond the completion of construction tasks; they particularly prioritize environmental protection. Throughout the execution of the Long Sơn Project, EMTEK has adhered to high-grade environmental protection standards, guaranteeing that construction activities do not harm marine ecosystems and water environments.

The strong collaboration between Long Son Petrochemicals and EMTEK contributes to the sustainable development of the oil and gas sector in Vietnam. The utilization of advanced technologies and processes optimizes oil and gas production while minimizing environmental impact. This underscores the commitment of Long Son Petrochemicals and EMTEK to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Under the powerful partnership of Long Son Petrochemicals and EMTEK, the oil and gas sector in Vietnam can confidently surmount challenges and ensure a stable oil supply for the nation, all while fostering sustainable and reliable energy. Long Son Petrochemicals continues to play a crucial role in the sector’s development and in emphasizing the significance of oil and gas energy in Vietnam and worldwide.