Kolon Industries – One of the multinational industrial conglomerates, leading in the industrial sector. EMTEK is honored to collaborate with Kolon as a provider of chemical processing systems for Kolon’s plant in Vietnam.

EMTEK is the provider of chemical processing systems for Kolon’s plant in Vietnam.

Overview of Kolon

  • Establishment and Development Process

Founded in 1957 by Mr. Lee Woong-hyun, Kolon initially started as a company manufacturing rubber products but later expanded into the textile industry in 1970 by establishing fiber processing plants and producing various synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

Continuous development has led Kolon to grow and transform into a diversified industrial conglomerate in South Korea. During the 1980s and 1990s, Kolon not only focused on the textile industry but also extended its operations to various other sectors such as chemicals, construction materials, and pharmaceuticals. They established subsidiary companies and invested in new projects to expand their business scale.

In the past decade, Kolon has shifted its focus towards renewable energy development. They have invested in solar energy, wind energy, and biomass projects to contribute to building a sustainable environment and reducing pollution.

Kolon Group operates not only in the domestic South Korean market but also expands its business scale internationally. They have established branches and joint ventures in various countries around the world to broaden their market reach and capitalize on global business opportunities.

  • Strengths of Kolon

As a diversified industrial conglomerate, Kolon has the opportunity to access and promote large-scale projects in various industries, which gives them several outstanding strengths, including:

  • Technological Innovation: Kolon consistently leads in applying advanced technology to its products and solutions. The company maintains research and development centers with a team of talented engineers, which helps create efficient and innovative products.
  • Expertise in Material Science: Kolon has accumulated significant experience in the field of materials through years of operation. They have built a reputation for providing high-quality materials to various industries.
  • Product Diversity: Kolon offers a wide range of products and solutions in materials and technology. The company specializes not only in fabrics, fibers, and dyes but also in leather, plastics, and other industrial materials. This allows Kolon to serve various industries and diversify its revenue sources.
  • Environmental Commitment: Kolon places a strong emphasis on developing eco-friendly solutions and products. They focus on improving resource efficiency, reducing waste, and building sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • Reliable Partner Relationships: Kolon has built a vast and stable network of partners in the industry. They establish long-term and trustworthy relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners, creating favorable conditions for cooperation and sustainable development.
  • These strengths have helped Kolon become one of the leading companies in the materials and technology industry.

Key Collaboration Project between EMTEK and Kolon

  • EMTEK and Advantages to Become Kolon’s Supplier

As mentioned earlier, Kolon has built a wide and reliable network of partners, among which EMTEK Automation, a leading provider of automation and robotics solutions, stands out.

With its industry advantages, experience, and expertise in designing, implementing, and delivering efficient and reliable chemical processing systems, EMTEK Automation has been selected as the provider of automation and chemical processing systems for Kolon’s plant.

EMTEK Automation’s chemical processing systems are customized to meet the specific requirements of Kolon’s manufacturing plant. EMTEK’s team of engineers and experts will work closely with Kolon to understand the production process, technical requirements, and plant objectives. Based on this information, EMTEK will design and implement suitable chemical processing systems to help Kolon optimize performance and achieve high product quality.

EMTEK’s chemical processing systems may include technologies such as mixing systems, distribution systems, ratio control systems, and monitoring and process control devices. EMTEK Automation is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and providing post-sales technical support to ensure Kolon’s plant operates efficiently and stably.

  • Achievements

The collaboration between Kolon and EMTEK Automation has the potential to yield several achievements based on the benefits and capabilities of both companies.

Kolon may have leveraged EMTEK Automation’s automation and chemical processing systems to optimize production processes. This could lead to increased efficiency and production capacity, reduced errors and rework, and improved product quality.

EMTEK’s technology and expertise could help Kolon improve reliability and safety in chemical processing. Automation systems and process control measures can minimize risks and the potential for workplace accidents, enhancing safety for employees and the environment.

EMTEK is committed to developing environmentally friendly solutions and products. Kolon may have partnered with EMTEK to create sustainable chemical processing processes, reducing waste and resource consumption, and enhancing compliance with environmental regulations.

The collaboration between Kolon and EMTEK Automation can create competitive value for both companies. By using advanced automation technology and chemical processing systems, Kolon can enhance productivity, quality, and production efficiency, providing higher value to customers and strengthening its position in the market.

These achievements demonstrate that EMTEK has successfully established a strong partnership with Kolon and has become a leading supplier of chemical processing systems for Kolon’s plant in Vietnam.