KEPCO & EMTEK has the strategic relationship, marks a significant step towards a sustainable future for the power industry. The combination of expertise, forward-looking vision, global reach, innovation, and commitment to efficiency and sustainability has created a unique and promising partnership. EMTEK and KEPCO are working together to ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable energy sources for the future, benefiting society and the environment.

The collaborative relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO is an outstanding example of how two leading conglomerates can cooperate to shape the future. We take pride in this relationship and are committed to continuing to provide innovative solutions to create a better future for all. The combination of expertise, future vision, and commitment to efficiency and sustainability will undoubtedly continue to deliver impressive achievements in the power and automation industries.

The strategic relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO in the electricity industry plays a crucial role in meeting the clean, efficient, and sustainable energy needs of both communities and businesses.

EMTEK and KEPCO: Strength of Two Leading Corporations

EMTEK is a leading technology conglomerate in the field of Robotics and Automation. With a mission to create advanced automation solutions, EMTEK has overcome various technical and technological challenges across various industries.

On the other hand, KEPCO is a leading conglomerate in the power industry, especially in the development of clean and efficient energy sources. With a global presence and a mission to provide electricity to millions of people, KEPCO has always strived to meet the demands for clean and environmentally friendly energy.

The combination of EMTEK’s strength in automation and KEPCO’s expertise in the power industry has created a powerful alliance with the potential to drive the development of both.

Strategic Relationship Between EMTEK and KEPCO 

The strategic relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO is not a chance encounter. Instead, it has been built on a foundation of commitment to innovation and creativity in the power industry. EMTEK quickly attracted KEPCO’s attention through advanced automation projects and solutions. 

  • Vision

Both corporations have a vision of a future where the power industry becomes safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. This mission not only drives the development of their businesses but also benefits society and the environment. The alignment of vision between EMTEK and KEPCO is the starting point for this strategic relationship.

The collaborative relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO is an excellent example of how leading corporations can work together to innovate and drive the development of the power industry.

The collaborative relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO not only benefits both partners but also plays a vital role in the sustainable development of the power industry. Their commitment to innovation and creativity in the application of automation technology and clean energy is their guiding principle, and this relationship continues to shape the future of the power industry.

  • Expertise and Technical Excellence

EMTEK is one of the leading conglomerates in the field of Industrial Robotics and Automation in Vietnam and the region. Its expertise and technical excellence have been demonstrated through leading automation projects and solutions.

 EMTEK and KEPCO are continually seeking ways to apply the latest technologies in the power industry. Innovation in design, project management, and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital technology are the strengths of this relationship. 

  • Efficiency and Savings

EMTEK has contributed to optimizing processes in the power industry through the application of advanced automation solutions and technology. This helps KEPCO improve production efficiency and conserve valuable resources.

With a commitment to clean energy, KEPCO and EMTEK have jointly developed renewable energy projects and solar energy systems. This helps minimize the impact of the power industry on the environment and meets the growing demand for clean energy.

Common Goals for the Future of EMTEK and KEPCO

The common goals for the future of EMTEK and KEPCO in the power industry are to create a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly power sector. 

These common goals of EMTEK and KEPCO mark their commitment to sustainable development and resource conservation in the power industry, contributing to addressing global issues related to energy and climate change.

  • Use of Renewable Energy

One of the top goals of EMTEK and KEPCO is to enhance the use of renewable energy sources. Both are committed to investing in the development and expansion of solar, wind, hydro, and bioenergy projects to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on climate change.

  • Energy Management Optimization 

EMTEK and KEPCO both focus on optimizing energy management within the power grid. This includes using advanced technology to predict and efficiently control energy consumption, from production processes to distribution and end-use.

  •  Global Collaboration

Both corporations are expanding their international collaboration to share expertise and technology with global partners. The goal is to create a tightly connected network of power companies worldwide to jointly promote sustainable development.

  • Technological Innovation

EMTEK and KEPCO are both committed to innovating new technologies to optimize production processes and power grid operations. This includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital solutions to improve performance and reduce waste.

  •  Safety and Stability

EMTEK and KEPCO are committed to ensuring the safety and stability of their power systems. This includes investing in infrastructure and technology to address emergency situations and ensure that customers always have reliable and stable electricity. 

  • Workforce Development

Both corporations focus on developing a high-quality workforce to ensure that there are enough knowledgeable and skilled individuals to manage and operate modern power systems. This includes training and developing employees and communities with knowledge of energy.

The Key Collaboration between EMTEK and KEPCO

  • The Collaboration Journey of EMTEK and KEPCO

Recognizing the potential in the field of power supply by one of South Korea’s largest power conglomerates, in 2018, EMTEK and KEPCO had the opportunity to collaborate on the Nghi Son 2 thermal power plant project as supporting partners in the Automatic field.

The construction of the Nghi Son 2 BOT thermal power plant project strictly adheres to national and international standards for energy and the environment. It incorporates ultra-supercritical (USC) technology, ensuring high efficiency and significantly reducing coal consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, along with other environmental concerns. The project is implemented through the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model and will be handed over to the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) after 25 years of operation

  • Achievements of the EMTEK and KEPCO Collaboration

With EMTEK’s support in providing modern automation systems and KEPCO’s groundbreaking thermal power energy technology, our collaboration on the Nghi Son 2 thermal power plant project has paved the way for a remarkable and progressive journey. This project is revolutionary in electricity production and environmental protection.

The Nghi Son 2 thermal power plant is built using the world’s most advanced technology, ensuring high efficiency and a significant reduction in coal consumption. The investor has shown great concern for environmental protection and has constructed environmental protection facilities such as NOx and SO2 reduction systems, electrostatic precipitators, and wastewater treatment systems. This has significantly contributed to reducing emissions into the environment and preserving natural resources. With a designed capacity of up to 1,200 MW, this project promises to provide energy for over 6 million households.


EMTEK is committed to continuously harnessing creative strength, innovation, and human resources within its team of engineers specializing in research, design, operational management, and building a business network with the aim of delivering the best services and sustainable renewable energy solutions, worthy of being Asia’s leading provider in the field of automatic technology, operational management, and renewable energy solutions. Emphasizing technology and optimizing automatic solutions are the goals EMTEK always strives for in green and nuclear energy projects. This is also the reason we focus on improving our systems and constantly enhancing our personnel when becoming strategic partners with leading global conglomerates, including KEPCO. As the Authorized Distributor of KEPCO in Vietnam and Asia, EMTEK is a reputable entity specializing in supplying electrical energy equipment solutions to enterprises and corporations worldwide.