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ITT Inc.

ITT Inc.

ITT Inc.

The story of ITT begins with a historic call — for its founders to develop phones. The original International Telephone & Telegraph was created in 1920 by two brothers named Sosthenes and Hernand Behn who set out to build the first worldwide system of interconnected telephone lines. The company had a small beginning as the Puerto Rico Telephone Company but grew quickly through strategic acquisitions and the purchase of telephony patents. The result was the creation of a major international provider of telephone switching equipment and telecommunications services.

Throughout each chapter in its history, ITT has been known for pursuing transformative strategies to create value for shareowners. In 2011, a new chapter began when ITT Corporation separated into three independent publicly traded companies spinning off its water and defense-related businesses. After five years of success, ITT reorganized in 2016 creating a brand new parent company, ITT Inc.,  a global, multi-industrial manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for a wide range of transportation, industrial and energy markets.

ITT's solutions


ITT brings decades of experience in research, development and manufacturing to the world of transportation with safety, performance and control technologies and solutions.


Whether managing corrosive substances or complex manufacturing processes, ITT has a track record for increasing reliability, reducing downtime and focusing on safety as a leading manufacturer of pumps handling the world’s most challenging chemical processes.

Aerospace and Defense

ITT is a leader in designing, developing and manufacturing mission-critical lightweight and reliable solutions that aerospace engineers demand and passengers and flight crews deserve.


ITT creates solutions and technologies to meet a wide range of safety and performance standards for high-speed, freight and passenger rail applications. Our rail solutions perform daily in the harshest environments, including speed/brake sensors, traction motors, couplers, bogie and inter-vehicle connections.


ITT has an extensive portfolio of leading-edge technology in pumping and control systems, valves and services for the oil and gas, mining, chemical, power generation, biopharmaceutical and general industries markets.


Engineering clean, sustainable solutions that are powering the global green energy transition