Partnering with Hyundai Engineering, EMTEK provides electrical equipment and fire protection systems solutions for numerous large-scale projects in the fields of healthcare, education, entertainment, and more.

Hyundai Engineering is a unique and vital partner of EMTEK on the journey to shape the future of automation and engineering industries. The robust collaboration between these two partners has given birth to high-potential, technology-driven projects that also bring benefits to society and the environment. Together, Hyundai Engineering and EMTEK are changing the world, ushering in a brighter future for all.

Hyundai Engineering, a well-known name in the engineering and construction industry, has built an outstanding reputation globally. Their mission, “Building a better future,” underscores the importance of contributing to the sustainable development of nations and the world.

Contributing to Sustainable Development

Hyundai Engineering has been involved in numerous critical international projects, ranging from power plants to essential infrastructure facilities. Building and developing these projects not only contribute to the economic growth of nations but also create employment opportunities and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

In addition to executing large-scale technical projects, Hyundai Engineering places great importance on community engagement and environmental protection. The company participates in urban wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy projects through public-private partnerships (PPP), from feasibility studies to construction and operation, using advanced technology to protect the environment and improve community living standards.

Hyundai Engineering and Technological Innovation

One of Hyundai Engineering’s special strengths lies in technological and engineering innovation. They consistently apply cutting-edge technologies and creativity to create efficient and sustainable solutions. This includes advanced construction methods and high-performance project management.

Green Technology Adoption

Hyundai Engineering is committed to environmental protection and employs green technology to minimize its impact on the environment. They apply eco-friendly solutions in construction and facility operation, including the use of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies.

Integration of AI and Digital Technology

Hyundai Engineering has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology into their projects. This helps them efficiently predict and manage various project aspects, from project management to production process optimization.

IoT Technology Application

Hyundai Engineering uses IoT technology to connect and control devices and systems in construction projects. This creates uniformity and optimizes management and operation processes.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology Development

In wastewater treatment, Hyundai Engineering has developed advanced technologies for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. This helps minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Innovation in Engineering Design

Hyundai Engineering not only applies innovation to technology but also in engineering design. They design impressive structures with consideration for both aesthetics and technical feasibility.

Thanks to this collaboration of creativity and advanced technology, Hyundai Engineering leads the construction and engineering industry and continues to deliver outstanding and sustainable projects worldwide. This underscores their commitment to innovation and success.

The Projects that Define Hyundai Engineering’s Reputation

Breaking away from the safety of traditional construction projects, Hyundai Engineering embarked on a new trajectory with the Pedestrian Bridge project over the Han River immediately following the Korean War. It played a leading role in creating the “Miracle on the Han River” and a series of subsequent projects that expanded Seoul and contributed to South Korea’s economic development. Expanding into the international market, Hyundai Engineering made a name for South Korea’s industrial sector with projects such as the Pattani-Narathiwat highway in Thailand in 1965, the Jubail Industrial Port project in Saudi Arabia, the Penang Bridge project in Malaysia, the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge project in Bangladesh, the Bosphorus Bridge project – the world’s third-longest suspension bridge and the first combined suspension-cable-stayed bridge, the Rusail Expressway project in Qatar, and the game-changing underwater oil storage facility project in Jurong, Singapore, which is considered the world’s third-largest oil storage project.

EMTEK and Hyundai Engineering – Collaborating to Achieve Construction Excellence

Hyundai Engineering selected EMTEK as its partner due to EMTEK’s expertise, vision, and commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The collaboration between EMTEK and Hyundai Engineering is a significant step in the development of both partners. It represents a unique combination of EMTEK’s strength in Industrial Robotics and Automation with Hyundai Engineering’s expertise in construction and engineering.

EMTEK and Hyundai Engineering intersect as both aim for the pinnacle of construction in delivering robust structures that elevate architecture. Our shared criteria always prioritize quality, safety, and durability for the project during and after completion. This commitment has driven EMTEK and Hyundai Engineering to take the lead in constructing impressive, large-scale projects within the territory of Vietnam.

Superior Expertise and Engineering Excellence

EMTEK is one of the leading conglomerates in Industrial Robotics and Automation in Vietnam and the region. EMTEK’s superior expertise and engineering capabilities are demonstrated through leading automation solutions and projects they have executed. Hyundai Engineering recognized the potential and contributions of EMTEK in optimizing construction and engineering processes.

Shaping the Future Vision

Both Hyundai Engineering and EMTEK share a vision of shaping the future in the industrial and construction sectors. Both conglomerates are committed to contributing to sustainable development through advanced projects and solutions. The alignment in vision between the two has created a favorable environment for collaboration.

Hyundai Engineering (HEC), founded in 1974, takes pride in being a fully capable entity to manage the entire project lifecycle, encompassing feasibility research, basic and detailed design, procurement of raw materials, equipment, technology, construction, operation, and maintenance. Hyundai Engineering has earned recognition through numerous global projects, accumulating extensive experience and technological heritage. Furthermore, HEC currently provides comprehensive technical solutions and construction services for industrial plant and infrastructure projects, including construction and housing.

With the vision “WE BUILD TOMORROW,” Hyundai Engineering confidently relies on its intrinsic strength to become the Change-Maker of the future. In this vision, “WE” aims to partner with clients, stand by their side to consider, improve, and transform all dreams and expectations into reality. “BUILD” extends beyond Hyundai Engineering’s construction domain; it signifies the goal of constructing a new society, a new culture for a new era of leading-edge projects. “TOMORROW” represents Hyundai Engineering’s operational motto, with the ambition to shape the future through advanced innovations originating from Hyundai Engineering itself.