Dive into the intricate collaboration between EMTEK and  GS E&C to discover innovations and strategic ventures that are shaping the future landscape of construction and technology.

 The strategic partnership between EMTEK and GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C) is a testament to the collaborative and innovative efforts aimed at promoting sustainable development in the construction and technology industries. As GS E&C’s leading customer, the two companies have forged a robust strategic alliance that envisions a green future, leveraging advanced technology and eco-friendly solutions to build impressive and sustainable projects.

EMTEK and GS E&C, both prominent names in the construction and technology industries, have established a powerful strategic partnership. This relationship extends beyond mere commercial agreements; it embodies a shared vision, commitment, and goal to create a green and sustainable future.

GS E&C, a top-tier player in the construction industry, found in EMTEK a reliable partner. With its vision and technical prowess, EMTEK has become a valuable supporter of GS E&C in driving sustainable development and innovation. GS E&C not only constructs impressive projects but also introduces green solutions, utilizing advanced technology to optimize every aspect of the construction process.

With GS E&C being one of its premier clients, EMTEK continually strives to meet and exceed the partner’s expectations. This collaboration not only facilitates the construction of world-class projects but also propels the development of both companies within the construction and technology industries.

Embarking on a Collaborative Journey

EMTEK, with its strong foundation in technology and services, identified a potential partner in GS E&C, a leader in construction and development. GS E&C, with its reputation and experience, recognized the potential for collaboration with EMTEK. This partnership goes beyond a typical customer-supplier relationship. EMTEK and GS E&C collaborated to research and develop advanced technology solutions, demonstrating that through cooperation and innovation, they can achieve much more together.

GS E&C – A Reliable Strategic Customer

GS E&C,  leading conglomerate in construction and engineering, has a global presence with a reputation not only for professionalism but also for its commitment to building a sustainable future. With a focus on continuous development and improvement, GS E&C sought a partner with deep industry knowledge, and EMTEK quickly stood out.

EMTEK – Committed and Experienced Partner

The partnership between EMTEK and GS E&C has achieved remarkable success. They have jointly executed numerous large and complex projects, from critical infrastructure construction to real estate and technology projects. This collaboration has not only created impressive structures but has also delivered significant benefits to both parties.

Strong Collaboration for Great Benefits

Mối quan hệ giữa EMTEK và GS E&C đã đạt được nhiều thành tựu xuất sắc trong thời gian qua. Họ đã cùng nhau thực hiện nhiều dự án lớn và phức tạp, từ việc xây dựng các công trình hạ tầng quan trọng cho đến các dự án bất động sản và công nghệ. Sự hợp tác này không chỉ tạo ra những công trình ấn tượng mà còn mang lại lợi ích to lớn cho cả hai bên.

Innovative Collaboration

Customers are a vital part of any business, and in the case of EMTEK, GS E&C (GS Engineering & Construction) is not just a customer but also a crucial strategic partner. This collaboration has created numerous opportunities and benefits for both parties, especially in the construction and technology sectors.

Projects Implemented Together

GS E&C, as a strategic customer of EMTEK, has worked together on many significant projects. From large-scale construction projects to advanced technology projects, we have collaborated to create substantial value.

Future Vision – Shaping a Sustainable Future

EMTEK and GS E&C have marked a promising strategic partnership in construction and technology. EMTEK, a top name in providing modern technology solutions, and GS E&C, one of the world’s top construction companies, have joined forces to shape an innovative and sustainable construction future. With a far-reaching vision, we continue to seek new opportunities and shape the future of the industry.

Strong Collaboration for a Creative and Sustainable Construction Future

The collaboration between EMTEK and GS E&C offers a unique combination of technology and innovation in construction. EMTEK provides intelligent technology, from project monitoring and management to IoT solutions and artificial intelligence. GS E&C leverages these solutions to optimize the construction process, enhance performance, and ensure project quality.

The collaboration between these two names is not just a commercial relationship but also a partnership with a shared vision for an innovative and sustainable construction future. This collaboration promises to deliver advanced construction solutions and contribute significantly to the sustainable development of our living environment.

Positions of EMTEK and GS E&C

EMTEK: Science & Technology Partner

EMTEK has built a strong reputation for providing advanced technology solutions across various industries. From technology consulting services to software development and project management, EMTEK continuously drives innovation to meet the increasingly complex market demands. This positions EMTEK at the forefront of creating advanced technology solutions, helping businesses optimize performance and compete more effectively.

GS E&C: Leading in Construction

GS E&C, with over half a century of experience, has built an indispensable reputation in the global construction industry. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, GS E&C has participated in numerous large-scale projects worldwide. From manufacturing plants to infrastructure and real estate projects, GS E&C has demonstrated exceptional capabilities and adaptability to changing environments.

GS E&C – A Globally Influential Company

Since its establishment in 1969, GS E&C has embarked on an incredible journey spanning various fields such as factories, energy, environment, architecture, infrastructure, and real estate, among others. Looking towards the future, GS E&C is strongly developing its investment capabilities, particularly in investment projects.

With 28 branches and representative offices in 27 countries across Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, GS E&C has established a powerful global presence. In 2019, GS E&C ranked 24th in the “Top 250” International Construction Companies list published by Engineering News-Record. Furthermore, GS E&C has been recognized as a sustainable development enterprise for eleven consecutive years (2009-2020) by Dow Jones.

GS E&C in Vietnam

GS E&C has been present in Vietnam since 2004 as an international contractor with two offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Through continuous experience accumulation and the mission inherited from the parent company, GS E&C Vietnam has achieved remarkable accomplishments in various projects, including:

  • Infrastructure Projects: Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway, Tan Son Nhat – Binh Loi – Pham Van Dong Beltway, Metro Line 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho – Dong Thap Bridge, Vinh Thinh Bridge (Hai Phong), Quy Cao Bridge (Hong Gai).
  • Factory Projects: LG Electronics Factory (Hai Phong), Nghi Son Refinery Product Manufacturing Project (Thanh Hoa), Clean Water Supply Project in Thien Tan (Dong Nai), Ham Thuan – Da Mi Power Transmission Line (Binh Thuan).
  • Real Estate (Residential, Hotels, Offices): Xi Riverview Palace Luxury Apartment Project (Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City), Zeitgeist New Urban Smart City (Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City), Zeit Long Binh Urban Area (Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City), Laguna Lang Co Resort (Hue), Sunflower International Urban Area (Hai Phong).

GS E&C in Vietnam – Value-Creating Partner

GS E&C Vietnam has set its goal and mission to become a foreign contractor, investor, and optimal real estate developer in Vietnam. Their projects focus on major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Hai Phong, covering industrial projects, construction, residential projects, and modern urban areas. They have achieved significant successes, contributing to economic development in the region.

GS E&C represents innovation and commitment to a sustainable future, and GS E&C Vietnam is a clear testament to the strong collaboration between two partners in the global clean energy revolution. This collaboration promises to provide sustainable energy solutions and play a significant role in promoting the development of our living environment.


In conclusion, the relationship between EMTEK and GS E&C not only enhances the value of both companies but also contributes to the development of the construction and technology industries. Together, we continue to explore and create new values for the future. The partnership between EMTEK and GS E&C is an example of strategic cooperation and the pursuit of sustainable goals in the construction and technology industries. Their combination of technical expertise and innovation not only shapes the future of construction but also contributes to building a sustainable living environment for everyone. EMTEK and GS E&C are stepping into a creative and promising future together.