Explore the unique collaboration between ABB and EMTEK, two industry giants, as they drive innovation and efficiency across various sectors. Learn how this partnership is shaping the future of automation and technology.

In today’s competitive landscape, ABB and EMTEK have embarked on a promising collaboration, bringing innovation and added value to customers in diverse fields. ABB, a technology leader with over a century of outstanding operation, has joined forces with EMTEK, a trusted name in the automation and technology sector, to provide groundbreaking solutions for modern industries.

ABB and EMTEK: Leading the Way in Industrial Innovation

Discover the groundbreaking partnership of ABB and EMTEK, revolutionizing the industry through advanced technology solutions.

Shaping the Future of Automation

In a rapidly changing world of automation and technology, ABB and EMTEK have established a promising partnership that delivers innovation and added value to customers. ABB, a global conglomerate with a long-standing history dating back to 1858, has closely collaborated with EMTEK, a top expert in the field of automation.

ABB – The birth of a “giant” in the field of engineering technology

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with a significant presence in Sweden. It is a leading global engineering group driving transformation in the industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future. Through software-connected solutions and a portfolio that includes electrical equipment, robotics, automation, and drives, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology and elevates performance to new heights.

Established in 1883, with a remarkable history spanning over 130 years, ABB’s success is upheld and strengthened by a workforce of 110,000 skilled employees in over 100 countries worldwide. ABB was established in Vietnam in 1993 and currently operates five facilities nationwide to serve both domestic and international markets. ABB has two application centers and robot service centers in Vietnam to meet customer demands quickly and support them in achieving their production goals in the present and future.

A Future-Building Collaboration

The collaboration between EMTEK and ABB is reshaping the landscape of the future in the automation technology market. These two reputable names are bringing innovation and transformation, redefining how we think about the interaction between humans and machines. The close partnership between ABB’s deep technical expertise and EMTEK’s creative spirit is yielding innovative and groundbreaking products, contributing to significant changes in manufacturing and automation technology.

ABB’s prominent products and services are categorized into four main areas:

  • Electrical Technology: In the field of electrical technology, ABB offers a diverse portfolio of products, digital solutions, and services, ranging from substations to outlets, enabling safe, intelligent, and sustainable electrification. These solutions are widely used to significantly save electricity in Vietnam’s infrastructure, including buildings, construction, transportation, industry, and telecommunications.
  • Robotics and Factory Automation: ABB is a world-class provider of robotic and manufacturing automation solutions for industries such as automotive, metal fabrication, machinery tools, casting, consumer goods, and plastics.
  • Drives: Currently, ABB is the world’s largest supplier of drives and motors. The company’s primary services provide customers with a comprehensive range of products, including motors, generators, drives, and services, as well as integrated digital drive and transmission solutions.
  • Industrial Automation: In the industrial automation sector, ABB currently ranks second in the global market. ABB provides a full portfolio of automation solutions to deliver high-quality, highly precise industrial production processes, from the simplest to the most complex. Moreover, ABB’s team can customize solutions according to specific customer requirements.

This collaboration marks the beginning of optimizing the connection between practical knowledge and strategic vision. ABB plays a crucial role in providing technological solutions and innovations to EMTEK, improving production efficiency and ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness through modern and advanced technology solutions. This drives the development of the automation industry and opens up a potentially promising future with new applications and innovations in areas such as production lines, construction, and other industrial sectors.

ABB – EMTEK: Shaping Industries

ABB and EMTEK have combined their strengths to create a reliable partner for large-scale projects and advanced solutions. The fusion of ABB’s practical knowledge with EMTEK’s flexibility in automation has led to high-performance products and environmentally-friendly solutions.

  • Creating New and Sustainable Value Together

The collaboration between ABB and EMTEK not only provides advanced solutions for the industry but also creates new value by harnessing the strengths of both corporations. Innovation and strategic vision are opening up new opportunities, shaping the future of automation.

  • Towards a Promising Future

ABB and EMTEK are committed to contributing to the development of the automation and technology industry. This partnership not only benefits both companies but also contributes to building a promising future. We are committed to creating high-performance and practical solutions that are efficient and effective.

  • Commitment and Social Responsibility

ABB and EMTEK are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the automation and robotics industry, focusing on providing cutting-edge solutions while ensuring social and environmental responsibility. Most importantly, we share a commitment with our partners to place customers and customer value at the core, while delivering integrated, comprehensive solutions to address their business challenges.

We understand that industries increasingly require the support of automation systems to enhance productivity and efficiency. Therefore, our responsibility is to provide safe, modern, and productive solutions to help our customers achieve their business objectives and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly competitive industrial landscape.


In summary, the collaboration between EMTEK and ABB is not just a partnership that brings economic benefits; it also reflects the company’s commitment and responsibility to the community, society, and the environment. We take pride in our mission to ensure economic growth and development in the field of industry and technology.