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Women Leaders at EMTEK: Contributions of Women in the Corporation

The fundamental difference between a leader and a manager lies in their focus and approach: a manager excels in executing plans, maintaining status, controlling activities, and thinking about immediate tasks. In contrast, a leader must devise strategies, innovate, build trust, and think long-term. To grow and achieve its potential, EMTEK needs both great leaders and capable managers.

Mrs. Kieu Hoang, Vice President and CEO at EMTEK, exemplifies this leadership. As a female leader, she builds a vision for the future, encourages action, and executes the organization’s mission. Her responsibilities include seeking opportunities and implementing strategic changes to ensure competitive and sustainable growth.



Graduating from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (2002-2006) with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Mrs. Kieu joined SMC (HOSE) as HRD (Human Resource Development) and concurrently as CGO (Chief Growth Officer) in June 2006. She concluded her tenure at SMC by achieving the second 5-year strategic goal (2011-2015) one year early, with a steel consumption of 867,000 tons, reaching the milestone of one million tons.

She then spent two years as COO for AFF, followed by three years as Senior Advisor to the Board at TGY from 2017 to 2020. In 2021, she became CEO of Vietnam An Group, a leading company in environmental monitoring systems. Currently, she marks her career as Vice President and CEO at EMTEK.



As a leader, Mrs. Kieu collaborates with the leadership team to formulate and implement ideas, strategies, and policies. She manages by setting plans and assigning personnel to ensure concrete actions are taken, establishing a comprehensive and profound influence on the organization and its employees through her integrity. She values taking small, steady steps and inspires through her principles.


Mrs. Kieu demonstrates abundant confidence through her professional expertise, extensive experience, and clear understanding of her role and objectives. Her skills in strategy, finance, legal matters, reporting, problem-solving, negotiations, IPO processes, and public relations reflect her mastery of combining international standards with local insights to create sustainable value and growth.

Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

As a leader, she anticipates trends, formulates effective strategies, provides direction, and prepares for challenges. She is well-aware of each department’s performance, adapts to circumstances, makes timely decisions, and ensures that projects progress as scheduled and meet quality standards.

Emotional Intelligence in Management

Beyond rules and regulations, Mrs. Kieu understands and empathizes with her emotions and those of others through self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. She recruits, organizes, trains, inspires, motivates, guides, and leads her team to achieve the organization’s goals and vision, profoundly influencing the team’s culture, mindset, spirit, aspirations, motivation, and performance.


Creating Vision and Strategy

Mrs. Kieu defines future visions, formulates strategies, innovates, builds trust, and ensures long-term development for the organization. She transforms organizational thinking, focuses on building a strong brand, and differentiates EMTEK on the international stage. She motivates and encourages everyone to act towards the shared vision, seeks opportunities, and implements strategic changes for competitive and sustainable growth.

Improving Communication and Interaction

She leads meetings and presentations, listens to employee feedback, and makes necessary adjustments or provides timely support. Constructive feedback fosters consensus and cooperation within the organization, creating an environment where everyone feels free to express themselves, contribute ideas, and innovate without limits.

Enhancing Team Performance and Retaining Employees

Mrs. Kieu fosters team cohesion, respects individual uniqueness, understands each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, and provides necessary resources to encourage mutual interest. She instills trust in employees, is not afraid of failure, and focuses on managing the organization, making employees feel comfortable and committed to the workplace.


Mrs. Kieu combines various skills and qualities: excellent communication, persuasion, negotiation, management, conflict resolution, creativity, and organization. She continuously learns to stay abreast of modern knowledge, trends, and technologies, ensuring she remains worthy of her leadership role. Her professional demeanor, along with creating a creative work environment, challenges and opportunities for growth, helps employees see their role in the organization’s development. Consequently, employees feel happy and dedicated, truly becoming part of the organization’s cultural fabric.