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Training and Development at EMTEK: Elevating Competence, Shaping the Future

EMTEK, renowned as a leading technology conglomerate in Vietnam, lays the foundation for sustainable development through extensive experience and outstanding creative capabilities. We take pride in our unique product ecosystem, delivering tangible value across various industries and shaping a promising future.

EMTEK – Pioneering Future Innovation

EMTEK is not only a trailblazer in shaping the future of technology and automation but also a reliable partner with over 14 years of experience. Committed to providing top-notch solutions and superior services, we establish long-term partnerships, prioritizing the trust of our customers and collaborators.

Recognizing that human capital is the decisive factor in creating excellent products and services, EMTEK continuously invests in the development of its workforce, viewing it as a key element for the success and sustainability of the conglomerate.

The training and development strategy at EMTEK focuses not only on transferring knowledge and necessary skills but also on cultivating individuals with innovative vision and the ability to face the challenges of the modern world. We encourage creativity, the exploration of new approaches, and an ongoing exploration of “Why not?” to make life easier and more enjoyable.

EMTEK is committed to creating a unique learning environment, where employees not only learn from practical experiences but are also encouraged to contribute innovative ideas and solutions. We believe that developing human resources is not only about enhancing job skills but also about shaping the future for both the conglomerate and the industry.

With this commitment, EMTEK is not just a workplace; it is an international school offering continuous training and development opportunities, empowering our workforce to excel and meet the challenges of today’s digital world.

Enhancing Professional Competence

Providing diverse training programs: EMTEK organizes various training programs tailored to each job position, professional level, and employee development needs. These programs are designed based on international standards, incorporating the latest knowledge and skills in the industry.

Supporting learning and research: EMTEK encourages employees to participate in specialized courses, postgraduate training programs, and industry-specific workshops. Financial support is also provided to employees with outstanding academic achievements.

Developing Soft Skills

Strengthening communication and teamwork skills: EMTEK conducts training courses on soft skills such as effective communication, presentation, teamwork, leadership, helping employees enhance their communication, coordination, and efficiency in a team environment.

Developing creative thinking and innovation: EMTEK encourages employees to think creatively, proactively propose new ideas, and innovative solutions to work-related challenges.

Building a Learning Culture

Encouraging lifelong learning: EMTEK creates an environment that encourages employees to engage in continuous learning and self-development. We provide various learning materials, online courses, and other learning opportunities for employees.

Sharing knowledge and experiences: EMTEK organizes seminars, experience-sharing sessions, and other activities to help employees learn from each other and enhance their professional knowledge.

Boosting Work Morale

Creating a professional work environment: EMTEK fosters a professional, dynamic, and innovative work environment that enables employees to maximize their potential.

Attractive remuneration policies: EMTEK offers competitive and appealing remuneration policies, including salary bonuses, insurance benefits, and other welfare and rights.


The effective training and development strategy has enabled EMTEK to possess a workforce that is professional, dynamic, creative, and highly responsible. As a result, EMTEK consistently achieves business goals and asserts its leading position in the Vietnamese technology industry.

EMTEK is committed to accompanying employees in their personal development, shaping a bright future!

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