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Project Management and Efficiency at EMTEK

EMTEK is a multinational conglomerate in the fields of technology, telecommunications, and media, consistently places the importance of effective project management at the forefront to ensure strategic goals are achieved. This article will discuss the project management methods used at EMTEK, as well as the factors contributing to performance during project implementation.

Project Management Methods

1/ Clear Goal Definition: EMTEK sets specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals for each project.

2/ Detailed Planning: This includes tasks, completion time, necessary resources, and responsibilities assigned to each team member.

3/ Monitoring and Progress Supervision: Utilizing appropriate tools and techniques to monitor progress and ensure projects are executed according to the plan.

4/ Risk Management: Identifying potential risks, providing preventive measures, and timely resolution when risks occur.

5/ Effective Communication: Maintaining regular communication among relevant parties to ensure coordination and unity during project execution.

Contributing Factors to Efficiency

1/ Competent Leadership: EMTEK focuses on developing a team of project leaders with capabilities, experience, and the ability to inspire.

2/ Skilled Personnel: Employees are trained extensively, possess high-level skills, and have a strong sense of responsibility in their roles.

3/ Advanced Tools and Techniques: EMTEK applies modern project management technology and software to enhance efficiency and productivity.

4/ Corporate Culture: A professional, innovative, collaborative work environment supporting teamwork.

EMTEK’s Proof of Management Capability and Efficiency

EMTEK takes pride in numerous successful projects in solar energy, automation, and industrial sectors, demonstrating the company’s effective and professional management capability. Here are some notable examples:

Solar Energy:

  • 1MWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant Project in Long Hau Industrial Zone: The largest rooftop solar project in Vietnam at the time of completion (2019), implemented by EMTEK for Unilever. The project significantly reduced Unilever’s electricity costs and minimized environmental impact.
  • 5MWp Solar Power Plant Project in Binh Thuan Province: Implemented by EMTEK for a major energy corporation, providing clean electricity to the region and contributing to local economic development.


  • Automation System Project for Electronic Component Production Line: EMTEK successfully designed, manufactured, and installed an automation system for a large electronics company, improving labor productivity and reducing errors in the production process.
  • Automated Grabbing Robot Project: EMTEK developed and successfully applied an automated grabbing robot, optimizing the goods transportation process in warehouses and factories.


  • Repair and Maintenance Project for Thermal Power Plants: EMTEK conducted repairs and maintenance for large thermal power plants in the country, ensuring stable and efficient plant operation.
  • Equipment Supply Project for the Oil and Gas Industry: EMTEK supplied genuine equipment and spare parts to oil and gas companies, contributing to safety and efficiency in exploration, transportation, and processing of oil and gas.

The success of these projects is evidenced of:

  • EMTEK’s effective project management capability, with a professional and experienced staff.
  • The ability to meet diverse needs of clients in various sectors.
  • A commitment to providing optimal, efficient, and high-quality solutions.

EMTEK strives to improve project management capabilities, technological development, and market expansion, aiming to become a leading company in energy, automation, and industry in Vietnam and the region.

Effective project management plays a crucial role in helping EMTEK achieve its strategic goals, ensuring quality, and optimizing resources. By applying advanced project management methods and focusing on personnel development, EMTEK has succeeded in implementing large projects, solidifying its position in the international market.

EMTEK is committed to further developing its project management system to enhance performance, bringing benefits to customers, partners, and all employees.