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WFD1-WFA-WFD2 machine

WFD1-WFA-WFD2 machine – Function: Attachand Detach film , tape
Standard: CE


Standard: CE
Power Source: 220V / 3P /63A
Precision: ± 0.1 Dec
Develop for: Samsung Display Vietnam


The panel is removed from the old tape from the WFD1 machine, through a 6-axis robot mechanism, with a camera to check if the product has been removed from the old tape.
Then the product is glued with a new tape from the WFA machine and has a vision system to check and evaluate whether the tape is glued OK or NG.
Then the small tape sheet is removed from the WFD2 machine and there is a 6-axis robot mechanism that puts the product on the conveyor belt to move to the next stage.

Product Name: WFD1-WFA-WFD2 Machine

Product Description:

The WFD1-WFA-WFD2 Machine is an advanced system designed for attaching and detaching film and tape to and from panels with precision and efficiency. This machine adheres to CE standards and is powered by a reliable 220V / 3P / 63A power source. Developed specifically for Samsung Display Vietnam, it plays a crucial role in the production process, ensuring the quality and accuracy of film and tape attachment.

Key Features:

  • Function: The primary function of the WFD1-WFA-WFD2 Machine is to handle the removal of old tape, attachment of new tape, and precise evaluation of the tape attachment process.
  • Standard: Compliant with CE safety standards, ensuring product quality and safety.
  • Power Source: Powered by 220V / 3P / 63A, providing the necessary power for smooth and reliable operation.
  • Precision: The machine boasts an impressive precision level of ± 0.1 Dec, guaranteeing exact and consistent film and tape attachment.
  • Developed for Samsung Display Vietnam: Tailored to meet the specific requirements of Samsung Display Vietnam’s panel production.


  1. Old Tape Removal (WFD1 Machine): Panels are removed from the old tape using a 6-axis robot mechanism equipped with a camera to inspect whether the product has been successfully detached from the old tape.
  2. New Tape Attachment (WFA Machine): Subsequently, the product is precisely glued with a new tape using the WFA machine, which features a vision system to check and assess whether the tape attachment is satisfactory or not.
  3. Small Tape Sheet Removal (WFD2 Machine): After new tape attachment, the small tape sheet is removed from the WFD2 machine. A 6-axis robot mechanism places the product onto the conveyor belt for transportation to the next production stage.

The WFD1-WFA-WFD2 Machine is a versatile and indispensable tool in the manufacturing process, ensuring that panels are efficiently handled during the film and tape attachment process, meeting the highest quality standards, and contributing to the overall efficiency of Samsung Display Vietnam’s production line.