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UV Unloader

UV Unloader – Function: Place screens into trays & Detect for defectiveness
Standard: CE


Standard: CE
Power Source: 220V / 2P / 40A
Precision: ± 0.1 Dec
Develop for: Samsung Display Vietnam


Compostion: The machine is composed of 3 parts:
01. Robot & Vision Vision identify position of screens and transfer data to the robot
Robot place screens on conveyor where the robots will attach components coordinated by Vision
02. Defectiveness detection – 12 cameras Quality inspection & transfer data to system
03. Tray Unloader Receive & separate empty trays from AGV
Stack and position trays for Robot to place screens in
Place the filled trays into AGV


Product Name: UV Unloader

Product Description:

The UV Unloader is an essential piece of equipment designed to efficiently place screens into trays and detect defects in the screens. This product complies with CE standards and operates with a power source of 220V / 2P / 40A, ensuring reliability in its operation. Developed specifically for Samsung Display Vietnam, the UV Unloader plays a critical role in the production process by maintaining precision and quality.


The UV Unloader comprises three main parts, each with distinct functions:

  1. Robot & Vision:
    • Vision technology identifies the position of screens and transfers data to the robot.
    • The robot then places the screens on a conveyor, where additional components are attached by robots coordinated with the Vision system.
  2. Defectiveness Detection – 12 Cameras:
    • This part of the machine is equipped with 12 cameras for in-depth quality inspection.
    • It detects defects in the screens and transfers data to the system for further analysis and action.
  3. Tray Unloader:
    • The Tray Unloader is responsible for receiving and separating empty trays from Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).
    • It stacks and positions the trays for the robot to place screens into.
    • Once the trays are filled, they are placed back into the AGV for further processing.

The UV Unloader is an indispensable tool in the production process, ensuring that screens are placed accurately into trays and subjected to thorough defect detection. Its integration of vision technology and defect inspection cameras guarantees the high precision and quality standards required for Samsung Display Vietnam’s manufacturing operations.