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Pre-bending machine


Pre-bending machine- Function: Folds and glues FPC onto phone screens
Standard: CE


Standard: CE
Power Source: 220V / 2P / 20A
Precision: ± 0.1 Dec
Develop for: Samsung Display Vietnam


Receive the screens from previous stage
Place the screen into Stage component using Vision system
Fold FPC to a 180 ° angle
Feeder place adhesive strip in position
Load Tape component take and glue adhesive strip on FPC surface
Stage component place the screen to next stage




Product Name: Pre-bending Machine

Product Description:

The Pre-bending Machine is a pivotal device engineered to fold and glue Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) onto phone screens with precision. This product adheres to CE standards and operates on a 220V / 2P / 20A power source, ensuring dependable performance. Specifically developed for Samsung Display Vietnam, the Pre-bending Machine plays a critical role in the manufacturing process by upholding accuracy and quality.

Key Functions:

  1. Receive screens from the previous stage: The machine receives screens from the preceding manufacturing stage.
  2. Place the screen into the Stage component using a Vision system: The Vision system accurately positions the screen into the Stage component.
  3. Fold FPC to a 180° angle: The machine expertly folds the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) to a 180° angle, a crucial step in phone assembly.
  4. Feeder places the adhesive strip in position: A feeder mechanism precisely places the adhesive strip in its required position.
  5. Load Tape component takes and glues the adhesive strip onto the FPC surface: The Load Tape component ensures that the adhesive strip is correctly affixed to the surface of the FPC.
  6. Stage component places the screen to the next stage: The Stage component securely positions the screen for further processing in the production line.

The Pre-bending Machine is an indispensable tool in the manufacturing process, ensuring that FPCs are accurately folded and glued onto phone screens, meeting high precision and quality standards for Samsung Display Vietnam’s production operations.