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Booyoung VINA is a subsidiary of the Booyoung Group, a diversified conglomerate headquartered in South Korea. Recognized as an icon in the real estate development sector, Booyoung VINA possesses strategic vision and diverse experience, creating upscale urban areas and projects that contribute enduring values to the community.

With a track record of successfully executing numerous real estate projects in Vietnam, encompassing both residential and commercial developments, the company has demonstrated its ability to engage in various property-related ventures. Booyoung VINA is well-equipped to participate in the development of projects ranging from residential complexes to industrial zones, showcasing its versatility in the real estate sector.

One notable collaboration is the CT7 Booyoung Vina Mo Lao Apartment Project, where Booyoung VINA has joined forces with EMTEK MEP Construction. This partnership exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality projects, combining Booyoung VINA’s strategic vision with the technical expertise of EMTEK MEP Construction.

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EMTEK MEP Construction x Booyoung VINA

CT7 Booyoung Vina Mo Lao

Project CT7 in Mo Lao is not just a housing project but a symbol of harmony between nature and modernity. Positioned strategically, this project boasts green spaces, a regulating lake,…
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