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EMTEK – The Journey to Build the Future Industry

In today’s world, innovation and technological progress are powerful driving forces behind the development of many economic sectors. EMTEK, a leading conglomerate across various industries, proudly stands at the forefront of this industrial revolution. Explore with us about EMTEK and its subsidiary brands such as EMTEK Automation, PEMS, EMTEK Construction, and EMTEK Solar – indispensable companions in the journey to conquer the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary market.

EMTEK continues to expand and diversify across various fields, marking a significant milestone. From EMTEK Automation in the Robotics & Automation sector to PEMS – an optimal partner for heavy industries, and EMTEK Construction constructing sustainable projects, to EMTEK Solar providing renewable energy – each brand is a captivating chapter in our diversity.


EMTEK Automation: Industrial efficiency for a sustainable future

EMTEK Automation, established in 2016, marks a strong and significant presence in the field of Robotics & Automation in Vietnam. We are not just a company but also a reliable strategic partner for leading businesses such as Samsung and LG, assisting them in optimizing production processes and enhancing efficiency.

1/ Mission and Vision:

The mission of EMTEK Automation goes beyond providing automation solutions; it is about bringing major transformations to the industry. We are committed to innovation and pioneering, accompanying businesses in the digital transformation and industrialization journey.

2/ Optimal technology:

With a team of top experts and engineers, we utilize the latest technology to design automated machines and systems. The robot programming process is done with precision, creating efficient and flexible solutions for all manufacturing needs.


3/ Diverse automation solutions:

EMTEK Automation offers a range of diverse automation products, from flexible ACS systems to TC-Aging quality inspection machines. We prioritize flexibility and convenience for businesses, helping them adapt and improve competitiveness.

4/ Strategic partnerships:

As a strategic partner for industry giants, we take pride in being a reliable companion for Samsung and LG. This trust is a strong motivation for our continuous development and enhancement of service quality.

5/ Sustainable future:

EMTEK Automation not only provides solutions for the present but also aims for a sustainable future. We continually research and develop, ensuring that our technology plays a crucial role in the industry’s progress.

In the current world full of challenges and opportunities, EMTEK Automation stands firm as a guiding light, leading businesses into the future of industrial automation, innovation, and efficiency.

PEMS: Optimal partner for your efficient operations

PEMS, a proud member of the leading technology conglomerate EMTEK, is not just a branch of the group but also an optimal partner for diverse industries in Vietnam. We provide top-notch solutions to help customers optimize production and management processes, simultaneously increasing productivity and reducing costs.

1/ Diverse services and solutions:

PEMS not only supplies equipment and spare parts but also focuses on providing diverse services to meet every customer’s needs. We are confident that the flexibility and professionalism of our team will be a strong motivator for business development.

2/ Technical operation and maintenance services:

We provide high-level technical operation services, maintenance, and industrial equipment testing. Professional central control system testing ensures smooth and safe system operation.

3/ Material mechanical testing and welding process monitoring:

PEMS goes beyond equipment supply to offer processing and steel structure fabrication services, material mechanical testing, and welding process monitoring. We ensure the quality of each product and process to meet international standards.

4/ Industrial inspection and calibration services:

PEMS proudly provides industrial inspection services, helping businesses identify opportunities to optimize energy efficiency and minimize waste. Calibration, testing, and repairs are integral parts of our commitment to quality and safety.


With a top-notch team of experts and comprehensive services, PEMS is a reliable partner for any business seeking efficiency and progress. Contact us today to experience the professionalism and excellent quality of PEMS.

EMTEK Construction: Building the future with innovation and quality

EMTEK Construction, an integral part of the diversified EMTEK conglomerate, proudly stands as one of the leading construction entities in Vietnam. We not only construct buildings but also shape the future with innovation and top-notch quality.

1/ Superior quality:

We are committed to delivering superior-quality constructions to customers. From the design process to execution, EMTEK Construction adheres to the highest quality standards to ensure every project meets and exceeds expectations.

2/ Multidisciplinary expert team:

With architects, engineers, and industry-leading experts, our construction team is ready to tackle any challenge. The diversity and professionalism of our team help us create unique and efficient solutions.

3/ Sustainable construction:

EMTEK Construction aims for construction to be not just a temporary activity but a contribution to a sustainable future. We focus on using environmentally friendly materials and construction methods to minimize negative impacts.

4/ Diverse projects:

From residential buildings to industrial and infrastructure projects, EMTEK Construction diversifies its portfolio. We have undertaken strategic projects contributing to the sustainable development of communities and the nation.

5/ Dedication and reputation:

Dedication to each project and a strong reputation are our guiding principles. EMTEK Construction not only builds structures but also builds trust. Customer satisfaction is a crucial motivator that drives us to continually improve.


EMTEK Construction is not just a construction unit but a reliable partner, creating unique and sustainable architectural works. Choosing us means choosing innovation and quality. Contact us now to start the journey of building the future with EMTEK Construction.

EMTEK Solar: Solar energy for an innovative and sustainable future

EMTEK Solar, an essential part of the diversified EMTEK conglomerate, brings solar energy within reach of everyone with innovation and a commitment to a sustainable future.

1/ Innovation in solar energy:

EMTEK Solar is a pioneer in the field of solar energy in Vietnam. We provide innovative solutions to optimize the use of solar energy and help customers reduce energy costs.

2/ Diverse solar systems:

We offer various solar energy systems, from household systems to large industrial projects. EMTEK Solar is committed to meeting every need with modern technology and high performance.

renewable energy emtek

3/ Commitment to sustainability:

EMTEK Solar not only provides solar energy but also emphasizes sustainable solutions. We use technology and environmentally friendly materials to minimize negative impacts and create a green energy source.

4/ Cost Savings and environmental protection:

By transitioning to solar energy, not only do customers save on energy costs, but they also contribute to environmental protection. EMTEK Solar supports customers in building energy-efficient and nature-friendly systems.

5/ After-Sales service and warranty:

We commit to supporting customers through every stage, from choosing a system to deployment and maintenance. Our after-sales service and warranty policies ensure customer peace of mind and satisfaction.

EMTEK Solar is not just a solar energy provider but a collaborative partner in building an innovative and sustainable future. Choosing EMTEK Solar means saving costs and contributing to the mission of environmental protection. Choose EMTEK Solar – Solar Energy for a Sustainable Future!

EMTEK – The journey to build the future industry

In the journey to build the future industry, EMTEK has affirmed its position not only as a business but as a reliable partner, accompanying and contributing to the sustainable development of society and the environment.

With EMTEK Automation, we enter the world of advanced automation, where technology and innovation converge to challenge and change how we produce and manage products. EMTEK’s partnership with industry leaders like Samsung and LG is a clear testament to the quality and performance that EMTEK brings.

PEMS, as the optimal partner for heavy industries, not only provides top products and services but also focuses on optimizing production processes and reducing costs. EMTEK PEMS is not just a supplier but a precise and efficient partner.

EMTEK Construction, with its diverse team of experts and services, has played a crucial role in the development of the construction and infrastructure industry. The solidity, professionalism, and innovation of EMTEK Construction have created impressive projects, leaving a lasting mark on the community.

Finally, EMTEK Solar brings hope for a clean and sustainable future. With innovative solar energy solutions, EMTEK Solar not only meets current needs but also aims for a green, environmentally friendly energy source, making each of us a guardian of the planet.

EMTEK is not just a business; it is a source of motivation, a resource to build a brighter future. EMTEK’s journey is a journey of innovation, quality, and commitment to a better world. Choosing EMTEK means being not just a partner but a part of this journey, the journey to build the industry of the future.