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EMTEK and Relationships with Global Partners

The EMTEK Group is a diversified conglomerate headquartered in Vietnam, shaping not only the energy and construction industries but also expanding its reach through strategic relationships with global partners. From solar energy to automation and heavy industry, EMTEK stands as an icon of diversity and innovation in a rapidly transforming world.

Solar energy sector

Solar energy, an increasingly crucial field in the context of global climate change, has become a major focus for EMTEK. EMTEK Solar 1, a solar energy project by EMTEK, serves not only as a symbol of success but also as evidence of EMTEK’s special commitment to sustainable development.


Strategic collaborations

1/ Marubeni and SkyX Solar

EMTEK has collaborated with Marubeni, a large trading and investment conglomerate based in Japan, along with SkyX Solar to develop rooftop solar projects in Vietnam. This collaboration not only ensures high performance but also contributes to shaping the energy landscape of the country.

2/ Vin Battery

EMTEK has become a strategic partner with Vin Battery to implement Energy Storage Systems (ESS) projects in Vietnam. ESS plays a crucial role in stabilizing and managing energy sources, especially in the complex and rapidly changing electricity grid environment.

EMTEK Automation: Innovation in automation

EMTEK Automation, a professional and pioneering player in Robotics and automation, not only creates advanced solutions but also collaborates with leading businesses such as Samsung and LG. From designing automated machines to installing automated assembly lines, EMTEK Automation is making breakthroughs in the field of automation.


Heavy industry: Comprehensive services for sustainable development

PEMS, a member of EMTEK, provides a range of services and solutions for the heavy industry. From supplying equipment to technical operation services and maintenance of industrial equipment, PEMS is committed to optimizing production processes and management for sustainability.

Top industrial services

1/ Supply of equipment and spare parts: PEMS supplies equipment and spare parts for various sectors, particularly in thermal power, oil and gas, and water treatment.

2/ Technical operation, maintenance & testing: Central Control Room Operation and Testing: EMTEK ensures smooth and safe system operation from testing to central control room operation, human-machine interface (HMI), and workstation control.

3/ Technical consulting services: PEMS provides technical consulting services to optimize operations.

4/ Material properties testing and welding process testing: PEMS conducts material properties testing and welding process testing to ensure quality and safety.

5/ Industrial inspection services: PEMS offers industrial inspection services to optimize energy efficiency and minimize waste.

EMTEK MEP constructor: realizing innovative dreams

In the construction sector, EMTEK MEP Constructor not only meets but also exceeds standards for quality and sustainability. They provide advanced solutions and are committed to a sustainable future.

MEP model (Mechanical, Electric & Pumping)

EMTEK MEP Constructor prioritizes quality, performance, and sustainability in all its construction projects. Their exemplary projects reflect EMTEK’s innovation and commitment to quality and performance.

Certifications and achievements: marking EMTEK’s quality

EMTEK is not just a partner but also a pioneer and innovator in various fields. Receiving certifications and licenses from reputable organizations is evidence of their commitment to quality and sustainability.

EMTEK Construction license

Issued by government agencies, this certification demonstrates compliance and adherence to construction standards.


Future mission: EMTEK and global relations

EMTEK is not only building infrastructure for Vietnam but also establishing global relationships. Strategic collaborations with major partners such as Marubeni, SkyX Solar, and Vin Battery highlight the significance of EMTEK not only domestically but also on the global stage.

Facing challenges and innovating: Vision for the future

EMTEK is not just a company; it is a vision for a sustainable and prosperous future. Confronting the challenges of the modern world, EMTEK continues to innovate and develop to meet the ever-growing needs of the market and society.

EMTEK – Vietnam’s mark on the world

With an impressive development history and a solid strategic relationship with global partners, EMTEK has positioned itself as a vital resource for sustainable and efficient development. Through continuous innovation and focus on core areas such as solar energy, automation, construction, and heavy industry, EMTEK is creating an impact not only for itself but also for the nation and the world.