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WOOJEON VINA, a renowned subsidiary of the global conglomerate WOOJEON & HANDAN, has made its mark in the manufacturing industry. Join us in exploring the mutually inspiring relationship between EMTEK and WOOJEON VINA, driving innovation and excellence in Vietnam’s industrial sector

In an era where competition is inevitable, having a reliable partner plays a pivotal role in helping businesses grow and prosper. WOOJEON VINA, a subsidiary of the global conglomerate WOOJEON & HANDAN, found EMTEK to be that crucial strategic companion. With over three decades of establishment, WOOJEON, founded in 1988, marks a robust alliance between WOOJEON VINA (established in 2013), and EMTEK, showcasing a fine example of technology and technological innovation collaboration in Vietnam.

 Explore how EMTEK’s strategic client, WOOJEON VINA, is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry in Vietnam. Delve into the cooperation that is shaping the future of the industrial sector.

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EMTEK's strategic association

WOOJEON VINA – EMTEK: Outstanding Career Architecture in the Product Manufacturing Industry The Impressive Journey of WOOJEON VINA WOOJEON VINA, with its strategic vision and diverse product portfolio, has attracted…
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