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KEPCO & EMTEK has the strategic relationship, marks a significant step towards a sustainable future for the power industry. The combination of expertise, forward-looking vision, global reach, innovation, and commitment to efficiency and sustainability has created a unique and promising partnership. EMTEK and KEPCO are working together to ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable energy sources for the future, benefiting society and the environment.


The collaborative relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO is an outstanding example of how two leading conglomerates can cooperate to shape the future. We take pride in this relationship and are committed to continuing to provide innovative solutions to create a better future for all. The combination of expertise, future vision, and commitment to efficiency and sustainability will undoubtedly continue to deliver impressive achievements in the power and automation industries.

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A Strategic Relationship in the Power Industry

The strategic relationship between EMTEK and KEPCO in the electricity industry plays a crucial role in meeting the clean, efficient, and sustainable energy needs of both communities and businesses. EMTEK…
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