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Automation in Vietnam: Peak Development and EMTEK

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Exploring the Impressive Development of the Automation Industry in Vietnam and the Crucial Role of EMTEK in Shaping the Future of Automation. Witness how EMTEK provides advanced automation solutions and a commitment to quality to drive growth and modernization in the Vietnamese industrial sector.

Exploring the Remarkable Development of Automation in Vietnam and the Crucial Role of EMTEK in Shaping the Future of Automation. See how EMTEK provides advanced automation solutions and a commitment to quality to drive growth and modernization in the Vietnamese industrial sector.

1. Automation in Vietnam

1.1 Automation: Synchronizing with Manufacturing Advancements

Vietnam is one of the rapidly developing economies, with automation playing a pivotal role in propelling the country’s comprehensive growth. Let’s delve into the significance of automation in Vietnam’s economic and societal development.

In 2019, Vietnam recorded an astonishing 7.02% GDP growth rate, positioning it among the leading nations in terms of growth, both regionally and globally. The target for GDP growth in 2021 is set at 6.7%, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The machinery and electronic equipment manufacturing sector accounted for 47.2% of Vietnam’s export share in 2019. Automation plays a crucial role in improving product quality and optimizing production efficiency in low-tech industries.

1.2 Vietnam – A Promising Automation Market

Vietnam stands as a promising market for the development of automation, driven by several key factors:

  • Strengthening Industrialization: The Vietnamese government is committed to advancing industrialization and modernization, creating a clear demand for automation solutions.
  • Low-Cost Labor: The relatively low labor costs in Vietnam attract the adoption of automation to cut production expenses.
  • Transition to High Technology: Businesses are shifting from traditional manufacturing to high-tech production, necessitating automation to meet market demands and global competition.
  • Growing Electronics Industry: Vietnam is a leading exporter of electronic products, compelling the need for automation to maintain competitiveness in the global market.
  • Government Support: The Vietnamese government encourages automation through financial incentives and policies.

At the beginning of 2020, Vietnam invested approximately 5.7% of its GDP in infrastructure, ranking the country 39th out of 160 nations on the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. This creates favorable conditions for the development of the automation sector.

2.EMTEK – A Shining Star in Automation

In the context of the rapid growth of automation and robotics in Vietnam, EMTEK emerges as a monument in this field. Let’s explore the significance of EMTEK and the elements that contribute to their success.

2.1 Advanced Automation Solutions

EMTEK specializes in providing advanced and efficient automation solutions. Their contributions have enhanced production efficiency, product quality, and work process optimization.

2.2 Experienced Team of Experts and Engineers

EMTEK boasts a team of experienced experts and engineers, ensuring expertise and the ability to meet customer requirements. This plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and efficiency of automation projects.

2.3 Diverse Application Fields

EMTEK has diversified the application of automation solutions across various industries. This helps the company attract a broad customer base and opportunities for diverse development, not only in manufacturing but also in services and management.

2.4 Commitment to Quality and Service

EMTEK has built trust and a strong reputation through their commitment to delivering high-quality products and services. This has helped them establish a strong presence in the automation market and earn the trust of customers.

With the support of the Vietnamese government, EMTEK has become a leader in the automation industry in Vietnam. The company is making significant contributions to the country’s economic development and improving the quality of life for its citizens, ultimately contributing to the prosperity of the nation.


Vietnam has achieved remarkable development, with automation playing a vital role in this growth. EMTEK, with its exceptional commitment to quality and service, shines as one of the bright stars in Vietnam’s automation sector. With the enormous potential of the market and contributions from companies like EMTEK, the future of automation in Vietnam holds great promise.